Can't loot enemies or containers


HOST OR CLIENT: Either one
DESCRIPTION: During every session I will at some point not be able to loot enemies or containers. The loot menu will pop up and then disappear. The last time it happened as soon as i joined a session (this is becoming more frequent for me). This happens in every game in multiplayer usually very early on in the session. On very rare occasions it will just fix itself but most of the time it doesn’t (happens maybe one out of every 20 times and the bug will still happen again in the same session). Quitting to menu or completely restarting the game does not guaranteed fix the issue.
STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Join or host multiplayer session


Devs already know about this: Can't loot after a large firefight


It’s not after large firefights for me but it’s most likely the same bug. Thanks man.


It usually is, but yesterday I joined a multiplayer game, fasttraveled to Airfield and right in front of safehouse there was a dead harvester… I couldn’t loot him or any dead robots that were laying around.