Can't meet Pontus Kovacs at the Vesslan

Platform: PC

Description: Me and a friend got this game and went through the first few hours of the game together. I noticed some of my missions weren’t popping up like his were. I hopped into singleplayer and noticed some of the missions that we did together were incomplete on my end so I decided to do them. I nearly finished the mission “The Home Team” until I got to Pontus Kovacs at the entrance of Vesslan. When I approached him nothing happens, I can’t enter the Vesslan, I can’t talk to the dude, nothing. I completed the mission in multiplayer, but in singleplayer, nada. I have tried restarting and fast travelling.

Steps To Reproduce: N/A

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: At first, my friend hosted the game (both of us progressed at the same time) and then it was just me in singleplayer

Players in your game: 2 then 1 (myself)


This same thing has happened to me, Only that I am playing on the Xbox Series X

Having the same exact issue. Wish theyd fix it

Not sure if related. Having a similar issue with the same repro steps but on Xbox. Though mine is stuck on the 2/3 barcode keycards step. The robots are dropping them, I can pick them up, but the counter doesn’t increase. I know I never got the one, I think I remember, Pontus Kovacs providing once he is initially talked to.