Can't pick "grab" health packs in the bathroom if above eye level?


something I have noticed in every house I loot I can’t pick up the health packs specifically in the bathrooms every where else it doesn’t matter what height they are at only in the bathrooms the icon wont show up useless you jump on top of something to get your self higher, also I to have been experiencing the crashes I get maybe an hour of game play before it crashes?


Some times i have same problem


so annoying but gotta have those health packs


The Medipacks above are to high in the bathroom, there comes no E to take


Same goes for meds on the hood in kitchen or in bookshelves (not so common) and some shelves in sheds too (think that is new). It is always simpel kits so I don’t care about them, especially now that they are everywhere in the houses with all radios and boomboxes spawning everywhere.


You can grab those. Easiest way I found is to jump up on the desk and sort of grab it from above.


This… ^^

Not optimal but until know the only solution as it seems.

This problem seems to be more common now as the number of medi packs (and boomboxes/radios) has increased and they’re shattered all over houses


Went in of one of the bigger houses and came out with 15(!) boomboxes…
Don’t even have to hunt the machines now, just throw out the boomboxes and the region is clear! :smiley: