Cant play with friends you should just return the game


I cant join friend when we all have the game that’s the reason why we bought it but if I cant multiplayer with them I’m gonna return the game and get my money back with enough bad reviews it will be removed from the store and problem solved


Is it just you that can’t join your friend? Have you tried hosting the game and can he join?


Yea we both tried hosting and joining each other one time we both connected to somebody’s party but we could only hear each other and wouldn’t pop up on the others screen a few mins ago i was just on a car and told him to meet me there and he went there but neither of us saw each other


That seems rather odd. Seems like there’s something blocking you, and I have a feeling it isn’t the game in itself. Are you guys on the same network? Is it a home network? College dorm netwok?


Yea were on the house wifi


That’s really odd. Perhaps it had something to do with all of you coming from the same external IP address that’s somehow interfering. The game definitely has bugs and issues, but not being able to connect with others is not one I’ve seen reported before.

This isn’t a fix per se, but one way you could potentially test this is by connecting one of the PS4 to a separate network like tethering via a smart phone or something and seeing if you can then connect. That would at least narrow down whether or not it’s an internal network issue or not. Beyond that, I’m not sure there’s anything else I could suggest.

Ps4 connect with friends


@TherotcoD suggested in another thread that a friend and his son have the same problem as you do on wi-fi on the same router. They solved it by having 1 console wired to the router and the other one on wireless. Seems like it may be a clash of wi-fi channels. This may be worthwhile trying if it’s an option.

Most modern routers also have both a 2.4 GHz channel (for b/n/g) wireless and a faster 5 GHz (for a/n/ac). Typically this will set up 2 separate wireless hotspots. If your router has this feature and you can enable it (if it isn’t already), you each connect to a different hotspot. This could also alleviate the issue. And not to worry about the “slower” speed. The 2.4 GHz band runs at 600 Mbps and is more than fast enough to handle gaming traffic.


Yep What @Crunchmeister said :point_up_2:t3: possible solution ? Who knows … best explaned answer , aye it is :white_check_mark:


Just a thought Crunchy ’ on some routers there is a box you check in router settings can’t rember name ‘?’ but on some Net providers insist it’s checked if people cannot connect to certain game servers ._ Virgin media had one ._ don’t know if you have come across this option in router, it basically Helps devices See the Gaming Servers or sum thing like that , me head can’t remember , go ahead do your thing Crunchy :smiley:


That could very well be @TherotcoD. I can only speak for the handful of modern home routers I’ve used in the last few years. That’s the last 2 I’ve owned, my girlfriend’s, and another friend’s I helped him set up because he’s technologically-impared lol.


dont pay for the software unless you really really dont know anything about working with your router.

You need to forward the port.
You need to make sure you are not behind a proxy.
You will also need to add the Generation Zero .exe file to your Firewalls white list.

This is not a problem with the game, its a problem with using wifi to play video games.
If that does not work, I would check into using a static IP address in addition to forwarding your ports.