Can't see item details

So I was thinking it was strange that there was no details for items and weapons in the inventory and after seeing some videos of people playing the game there clearly is but I can’t seem to get them to show.

What am I doing wrong here?

I am playing on PC - GamePass - 3440x1440 resolution

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can easily fix by just look at attachements from guns and go back. it coould not work for you but it worked for me.


Haha… Wanted to check it a few minutes ago and looked the same for me. Weird. But attacke27s hint fixed it for me.

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Yeah it worked as a workaround, probably a bug though.

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When a player opens the inventory, they cannot see the item stack weight.

But when a player loots any other lootable bag/crate/corpse, and keeps the crate open, they’ll be able to see item weight for stuff both in the inventory and the crate by simply selecting the corresponding item of interest.

EDIT: I just found out how to get the information blade on the right hand side back:
Open the inventory, go to a weapon, open its attachments, exit back into inventory. Voila! However, the item that you were editing/looking at attachments for, will show an incorrect stack weight but will return to normal once you deselect it and select it again.

Still, I believe there’s some bug extermination left to do :innocent: