Can't switch to sidearm

**Platform:** pc

**Steps To Reproduce:** switching to sidearm worked fine until i picked up a new one. now i can't switch to it unless if i open inventory and select it, then i can switch to it. when i then switch to a different weapon i can't switch back. 

**Images / Videos:** -

**Host or Client:** both solo and in co-op

**Players in your game:** 1 and 2

**Specifications:** Intel Core i5 2550K, RX480-8G, 16GB 1866MHz

This is a known bug that affects blue/good quality Möller PP and Klaucke 17.


i have the same issue

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temporary workarounds :
1 unequip side arm in inventrory , then re-equip
2 re-equip side arm with a new type of ammo
immediately change to side arm after doing this ( 1 or 2 ) and it should become available.
i have seen this issue is on bug reports, avoid blue side arms if possible, im sure devs are working to fix.