Canted sights/aiming, Point shooting

A feature that lets us have canted sights on our rifles, or at least letting us point shoot (tilting the gun 45 degrees and firing instead of aiming down sights) would be amazing, and activating it would just be using the interact key while aiming.


In the 80s ‘canting’ wasn’t a thing. We had barely discovered ‘gangsta’ sighting. It will be another 20 years in-game before anyone thinks of only tilting their gun 45 degrees instead of 90.


The statement that canted sights weren’t a thing in the 80’s is false. The Germans used them in WW1 for trench warfare so they could shoot without exposing as much of thier heads. The idea of an offset sight has been a thing for military weapons since the late 1800’s.

Actually the Germans didn’t cantor the sight for trenches they canted the magazine. The only thing they used a sight on was sniper rifles. Red dots and holographic sights didn’t exist at that time. Hence the reason all we see are ACOG. Modern sights use a rad element called tritium which hadn’t been discovered yet. ACOG was the 1st sight it was tried on.

Found an interesting article about canted sights, or a 45° Offset backup sight system.

They can be quite useful and probably may have existed in a 1989 sweden. If not industrial produced, then maybe by single persons for customizing their own guns.

Would be nice to have that for my pvg sometimes :wink:

I also have two setups for my AG4, one with Red Dot and one with 1-4 rifle scope. Aiming on short distances is much easier with the Red Dot, like in real life, but for medium ranges I prefer the scope, which I also may use for short ranges.
Having an AG4 with a scope and a canted Red Dot or even iron sights would combine their advantages perfectly. Or maybe exchanged, depending on personal taste, main usage,…

That’s not the purpose of canted sights.
You still have to aim along the barrel unless you’re using a parallax-free sight (i.e. Red Dot), which haven’t been invented before/during the world wars. Well, the first similars were used on board guns of some fighter planes and AA Flak cannons in WW2, but that’s another dimension compared to gun sights.

Btw. The germans did this for being able not to expose their heads: :sweat_smile:

I do agree canted iron sights would be dope. The amount of close quarters we face forces a weapon swap or hip firing blind. This works but for a very new player it suffers due to poor weapon quality. There were canted sights found after wwll usually mated to a Browning .308 (which I’d love to see in gen0). I’m not so sure they’d be in Sweden for this time period but they did exist in the 80s. It just wasn’t a wide spread military tactic back then like it is now.

Perhaps I was to vague with my description. When I spoke of offset sights I absolutely meant snipers. My apologies. I had assumed OP knew that the only weapons with optics in WW1 were sniper rifles. They canted them for a few reasons depending on which rifle we’re talking about. The concept of being able to keep your head lower in the trench is purely anecdotal, I’ll admit, but I own a 1917 Danzig production Gewer 98 with accompanying optic and i can assure you it absolutely lowers the head profile when its mounted offset. I mount mine at 90° since I’m not using a stripper clip or fighting in a trench.

I own many guns. I know how a canted sight works. I also know that there are many reasons one uses a thing beyond its intended scope. (no pun intended) :sweat_smile:

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