Capture points, a Regional War mode

So I know the devs are a small team and this is a big idea so i don’t think it could happen but i wanted to share the idea regardless. So what about when we get enough resistance camps we implement Regional power this would be the amount of control the machines have to humans over a region. At the war boards in the resistance bases there would be a “compete for control option” where you and some AI or friends can diminish FNIX’s power and influence in a region by attacking outposts, machines and capture points e.g churches, the airbase etc but in doing so making another region stronger. FNIX will also launch attacks against your bases to try and regain ground. Rivals would play a key role and would rally machines to them to launch massive attacks on the bases like a type of general. This would keep going until you log off or control the region or fail (there would still be machines there if you win but not as many and maybe you could get bonuses of some sort) I know some people are going to be like “What? that is never gonna happen!” but hey i can dream ok? What are your thoughts on this?


This could work. It would take a bigger team and a lot of time, but I would like it. Would be cool if we have a DLC that takes place in late 1991 (2 years after FNIX took over Ostertorn) and by then you freed a couple dozen people from FNIX and it has content that .
I don’t understand what you mean by “Capturing strategic areas” Do you mean building an outpost in that area or kill all the machines in the area or just sit there for a little bit?
I would also like the attacks on bases and where if you kill the Rivals leading the attack and a couple more machines, FNIX would retreat.
I would like the attacks on FNIX outposts, but if they are randomly generated like I think you want them to be, that will cause a lot of issues to the game, so instead of building new outposts, FNIX just rebuilds the destroyed ones.
So, when you mean by destroying machines? Do you mean “kill all the machines” like with the Rivals, or do you have a more strategic way of destroying machines such as killing a Harvester convoy that transports materials and/or ticks (they are the ones that actually build the outposts)
It doesn’t make any sense why the fight will go on when you log off. Because what will be the point of all of that? I would like that when you put the region in your control, more survivors would come out of hiding and join your group. Maybe you can finally know what’s in Bunker 66?

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I mean places that are of importance due to their location or purpose e.g the airfield was a vital point for the machines because it took away swedish air power

Like the rival process in leveling up a region but also as in to kill things like convoys of harvesters and protect trucks with equipment. There would be a chose for you to make between missions at the warboard choosing what to do like: Attack harvester convoy or Help defend resistance base

Gameplay wise this would be really fun, but story-wise it’d be a bit out of proportion. There’s only this small timeline of overall 2 months that have passed and there are confirmed ‘ground deployments’ on Swedish soil, so FNIX has to massively overpower us all to have a chance or it gets wiped out with the next move. That’d mean that if we just took strategic points in one go (which people usually do to 100% everything), FNIX would be ultimately defeated in it’s point of origin and all the war stops = Game Over.

It’s not just us survivors and FNIX fighting, Sweden knows, Soviet Union knows… NATO…
These are quite the big forces to be reckoned with.

So i had a thought last night, what if we had regional heat? so in the bottom right on your map it could say heat and the %. depending on your heat is how alert and how many machines there could be. For instance a region at 100% heat will have machines on high alert with more than usual. Heat at 80-100% could give rivals the ability to track you down. Heat will die down over time but any new fights could make it go back up. What is your opinion of regional heat? And do you have any ideas that could top mine? :+1:

This could be directly linked with region level (20 being max).

Regional war, regional power, regional heat etc. All that can be in one topic, rather than cross-posting it all over the forums.

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