Cars? Driving tutorial secrets?

In a stream, I believe was 2 weeks ago, Pontus said something about finding something in car engines since a question said why opening of car bonnets was allowed if most likely nothing would be found. This alerted my attention and I went to tutorials…

As far as I know, in the driving tutorial, bikes don’t have handbrakes or horns since they have bells. Could anyone help me find out if there is a secret drivable car in GZ?

Car batteries are useable items in the game. I suspect they just intend to make them discoverable in cars, possibly as an item used in crafting.

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I think they can be used as small EMP charges. Found a ”car battery EMP” or something similar inside a mil truck near Grantorp radio mast.
Haven’t been able to take a battery from a car, but on the other hand I haven’t bothered to try either.

Perhaps it’s something being slowly implemented…