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The sister analogy could have been good.
The problem is all sisters had their original desks with a lot of scratches.
One sister received her new desk while the other sisters desks were not finished and their own desks did not get any sort of maintenance.
Then the Second sister got her desk, but the desk had an accident and after some repairs someone scratched the desk so it needs repairs once gain.
Meanwhile the Third sister desk is in the same state it was some months ago and she is asking herself why did she ordered from that store?
And now the First sister is already asking for a Desk Lamp when the other 2 desks are having problems and have been recalled for repairs.
So…the store is having problems and one of the employees has been saying the same thing.
" We should have waited Boss…now the clients are pissed!"


This never is a good option, IMHO, and just not appreciated.
This would lead to further downfall of the game, if implied here.
I do not quite get, how we got to this idea, miss…?

Question: if the game released the FNIX for PS4, how come they do not have it?
Was it rolled back, perhaps?

From what I gathered, it was not released at all, due to issues with that?
IF so, the sister analogy is flawed, as one desk… is missing…?

EDIT: Yes, I am badly informed.
I had a 6 moth hiatus, and not all was explained that well to me.
Also, as PC player, I was not that along with consoles, my apologies for that.

Sir @Mr_A1992 was very kind to inform me.
Thank you very much sir.

So, I stand by what I said: we have a missing desk, I fear…
One sister got ran over, seems… by the truck that did not have her desk…
I hope, she’ll recover soon. :wink:

How’s that for anology… XD

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My take of the “sister riddle”:

Sister one lives close to the carpenter. Sister two lives in another town. Sister three lives in another county and wants imperial not metric measurements.

The Carpenter gets an order for all three and starts processing. COVID hits and travel is affected. The Carpenter is starting on the design in which they ordered to his liking. The Carpenter works on the first two since it will be easier to get those out of the way and essentially on same metric system. He starts work on the third but runs into issues on the conversions not finding some pieces in imperial as needed because you know, COVID. He completes the first two to his standards and ships them out. Both sisters loved their pieces but begin to find some parts are sticking or won’t open. The carpenter gets the pieces back, trying to figure out what is wrong with his design, and the third sister is still waiting while her parts are on back order.

Best I could come up with :rofl:


Thank you very much, miss, that was quite informative! :slight_smile:
I do understand the feeling it was ‘repetitive’, but then why bring us back there, even, more repetitiveness…
I mean, the machines, if you come from Hjimfall, and one gets confronted with -to put it quite crudely- noob machines?
In an Advanced DLC?
Bizarre, if you ask me.
Either way, it is what it is, nothing can’t be done about that anymore, we’ll just have to accept.

But again, and i cannot state that enough… BRILLIANT!!! what they turned mainland into!!!
Just SO sad, any new player sees it… and not even have main land finished.
Still… GORGEOUS setting, now!!!

Discussion moved to proper topic to keep the source topic on point.


On one side, you have ability to send completed products out as soon as they are ready (what devs choose), on other side, you withhold all products until all are ready (my example). There is no “golden” choice between either of the two.

Riddle. :joy: It wasn’t a riddle but instead fictional example if things would’ve gone the other way around.

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Is holding back for everyone until all can get it not a decent mid-way, miss?
Serious question…

It’s what I would do…
Focus on fixing the issue that broke the game for system X, and only when fixed properly, release to all…
Right now, we have a system that’s limping behind, far behind.
If not taken care of, this limping system will lose the rest of the platoon.
Which is… deadly… like the GZ-gravity…

Thoughts, miss?
Or, anyone?

EDIT: Did I derail the topic Patch Compensation?
I SO hope not…

So by your point of view it would be better for the new consoles to be available in some countries instead of almost everywhere?
They could already be selling PS5 at Japan and Korea and the new Xbox at some U.S states you know.
The same applies to Windows update being available only in 2 countries and not on the rest where the product is commercialized.
Does not look like a good commercial practice and it´s not very fair…no?

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I think, by product, miss Aesyle meant the game, sir.
Not the system/platform…

It´s the same, the same principle applies in many types of products.
Because if a product is available but not for everyone there is the option to sell only to some or to wait till there is enough quantity for a larger sale.


150% agreement, sir!
When one is right, he is right.
No point in dismissing that.

It is the strategy of some developers. Hopoo Games releases content for PC months prior to consoles as sort of a “beta-test” since they can patch on the fly anything needed for PC. The lead time of a couple months can mean a lot for console updates since they can’t be updated as often or easily.

I know I know, the Forest, Subnautica developers, did the same, so did Paradox Interactive with Stellaris, console versions are always behind PC, it´s normal.
The difference is that their respective console versions are stable.

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Ultimate goal there :smile:

BTW got a bunch of .50 cal ammo for ya

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Ultimate goal indeed! :wink:
Ah thx, but I don´t need it buddy, I have 200 of each type in the Plundra and more than 300 in the backpack(inventory).
But I´l take any adrenaline you can spare :sweat_smile:.

Do got plenty there! I can spare about 10 I think.

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Not all products are released globally, despite the company who makes them is a global company and mainly makes products for the whole world.


Is it fair that i can’t buy Seasonic PRIME AirTouch just because i live in Europe? No.
Why Seasonic didn’t release it’s PRIME AirTouch for European market (despite the PSU operates in 100V - 240V range), that i don’t know.
But that’s life. I can not buy all the same products as native Joe can buy in USA or native Miuki can buy in Japan, because of the exclusivity.

One thing is product exclusivity, be it region, country, platform or the like. Completely another thing is product availability in sufficient quantities.

This reminds me the RTX 3080 release month ago. Once Nvidia released the RTX 3080, it was instantly sold out and many people didn’t get to buy the new GPU at MSRP. Instead, scalpers jumped in, using automated bots to buy GPUs for MSRP and then listing them with considerably more, up to twice the MSRP, on 3rd market sites (e.g Ebay).

Basically you get the most rare examples to make sure your argument seems valid and correct, when what I said through your analogy makes perfect sense, that on this specific case it would have been better to wait than to split up the game.
Its is a one year old game, it was launched at the same time at all Platforms, so it´s supposed to keep it that way with the updates, even if expecting some delays…nothing like more than 1 month should be normal.

On a side note, there are a lot of Japanese cars that are not available either on Europe or USA, and i´l assure you…Fiat Panda is a bad car The North America Territory has lost nothing with his absence from the Market.

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Those examples aren’t rare, instead, they are one of the most known ones.

Your argument was to show that it’s bad business and it isn’t fair to limit product availability, while my argument showed popular brands, across different industries, doing just that.

Maybe it would have been better to wait, maybe not. We never know.

Devs have made their decision and we can either accept it and live with it or not and complain about it. But in the end, no-one can turn back time to change what has happened. Only hope is for the better future.

Normal expectation to whom? For AAA studio with deep pockets and armada of devs? Yes. But for small studio with 30-40 devs, where not all of them aren’t the ones who can actually fix the issues (e.g sound designers, art designers)? No.

It’s all down to player expectation and what kind of experience he/she has had so far.
Playing AAA titles and seeing the fast update rollover puts the expectations high and one expects every game studio to follow the same standard as that player has gotten used to.
On the other side, playing small studio/indie games and there, game updates take considerably longer. If lucky, few months, while the common is 6-12 months. It may even take few years before small studio game sees an update.

For example:
I like to play a game called Starsector. It was started back in the 2011 and at current date, the game is about 90% ready. Starsector has had updates once in a year and latest update was released 10th of May '19.
Compared to the GZ (complexity wise), Starsector is like comparing Tick vs Tank, where Starsector is Tick and GZ is Tank. Raising a question: “why it takes for so long to get an update for Starsector when it is far less complex of a game than GZ is?”. There is no straight answer to that. It comes down on how many people are working with a game; do they work full-time or part-time and how complex the game code is.

I argue all this comes back to the poor state of the game at release.
If they had, after carefully testing, postsponed the release to iron out most of the bugs and crashes they would have been in a much better position and this discussion would never have taken place.
I happily waited a half a year for Lost Ember- Mooneye Studio a small german indie game dev- to iron out gamebraking bugs, and when released it was a smooth experience with only a few glitches whitch was erased a few weeks later. Thumbs up for this small dev team, that’s how to do it imo.
Back to GZ: With a limited access to staffers you should be sure to release games/DLC’s/updates with as few flaws as possible.
Right now I think they stand kneedeep in the marsh…too much to cover.

No time machines! The person who made one died by dinosaurs!

But honestly the unknowns are what drives peoples expectations. Otherwise they would not be called expectations. That is neither here nor there. We can only sit back and wait, walk away and come back or never come back.

They just have my support as long as they keep doing what they are doing with updates and customer engagements which are great and rare from dev teams.

And will keep playing as long as Sweden needs my help from pesky machines :rofl: