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There’s no way you’d hit anything with a .32 Moller at over 25 metres. You’d never use a pistol of any sort over 50m. Yes, I know that they do long range pistol shooting with the 9mm Browning at 200 metres, but have you seen the positions they have to get into to do it???

Some mates in Korea used that 7.62 round, on the other hand, firing out of the KM59 (GPMG) on fixed lines, to knock down a stone-built house at 1,000m. Not much damage drop-off there!

aim/To Hit Ratio buggered?

Oh, absolutely, sir!!!
But we speak of 150m with trajectory change and bullets ‘vapourising’ around 200m.
Well, give or take a few meters here.

And again, good sir, 100% agreement here. :slight_smile:
This is through the ingame Marksman tree.

But the issue is that non-exp .50 is performing beyond ludicrous ways.
I have Marksman fully maxed out, active, yet it’s horror to shoot a target around 300m away.
I counted of 10 shots… 3 hits!
3!!! hits.
With a 50cal.
And maxed/active Masrksman…

The Exp then hit’s dead on at max range.
BWAAAAH, sure, it’s a semi-railgun, true.
But THAT should not affect the non-exp 50cal’s effect?

So, as said… I am simply FORCED to use an OP weapon if I want to play my own style.
Logic eludes me here…


Wow, I wouldn’t have thought that, that a 7,62 mm round can do so much dammage on this distance.
Of course i wouldn’t use a 9x19 round for a longer distance than 25 m. Because a pistol can’t have that precision on a far distance. There where some sport pistols with scope you can do more far distances with. That a 9mm Browning i think it was the GDPA , can fire at such a long range (200m) is new to me. I think they have hold it wide over the target.


Ok. i will try this by myself, pherhaps this evening. I don’t have the marksman though but my fartest killshot in game was 260 m.

I will report you what gains i get.


Slapping on a different designation does not make it a different weapon.
That being said…

Yes, it’s a devastating weapon, my main one during my army days.
And it’s DAMN accurate.
Love the damn thing with heart and soul…

Did you know, the M249 actually is also the FN FAL?


Bisley is the home of British Shooting. I’ve shot there three times, I think. I never knew that the standard 9mm round would even go that far, but it evidently does, and accurately enough to have a competition.

The house was across the other side of the valley from their position, and they set up the weapon at last light. When it was quite dark, they fired one 20 round burst, and then turned the fine-tuning wheel one click. Repeat after 15 minutes. By morning it was a pile of rubble.


Ah, Xogger, to me it’s the SLR. The problem with its accuracy is that the SLR had a flimsy metal cover that slid on over the working parts. The x4 SUIT sight was fixed to that cover which moved a fraction. Single target fire at 300m, troop fire at 600m.

On the other hand, the same round out of my Lee Enfield No4 rifle (which I used in the school shooting team) was pinpoint at 500 metres (six inch bull), even with competition iron sights. With a scope it would have been pinpoint at 800 or 1,000m


Man, I had this thing with my Maximi: I could fire it shot per shot.
Never trained for it, I just… could…
Then there was the accuracy at 200m…
Made me think…
Slapped on a simple sniper scope, I trained it to my sight, welded it to the rail, so it was fixed to the gun.
500m single shot: bullseye…
600m single shot… bullseye…
700m single shot… miss, retry, 700m single shot… bullseye…
750m single shot… bullseye…
The men were flabberghasted.
Note, they made such fun of me, a MAXIMI!!! with a SCOPE?
Used in SINGLE SHOT, not burst?
No more laughing after that.

This range had a 750 max range, on another I managed shots of 1klick, 1.2 klick on calm (wheather) days.
Yeah, I had a frakkin Maximi short-range sniper rifle!!!
And a DAMN good one at that.

Funny, I am the ONLY Para Lieutenant that never held a side arm… O_O


Um. Well, the British armed forces had a problem with the Bren gun, in that it was too accurate. Bursts of ten rounds at 600 metres would all go into the same man. So when the GPMG was introduced to replace it, it was nerfed to spread out the bullets more. So you wouldn’t have been able to do it on the Geep.

Mind you, I was criticised on my shooting proficiency test for firing only one or two bullets at a time - had to increase to five or six. I waiting until the instructor had moved on and went back to my single/double tap. Marksman, yayy!


Oh, yes!!!
Now, I never fired a Bren, so I do not know, is that a suppression weapon?

But many weapons are indeed too (if not FAR too) accurate for their intended use.
Most machine guns based on our FN FAL have this annoyance.
Well, according to many a machine gunner, that is.

What’s totally wrong for folks figuring, it’s a weapon for continuous, non-stop usage.
It can be used for longer BURSTS, sure.
But not a continuous fire.
Had a few times that due to heat build up, ammo began to fire itself of in the chamber.
Kick-breaking the link is all you can do then…

And the shooters say, it’s scary, when they take their finger off the trigger… but the gun keeping on shooting!

We strayed off though… XD
You’re dang fun to talk to, good sir!!! :wink:


Yeah, that was always my problem.

I’d love to see the Bren in the game as a long range killer (There look - back on topic!). Vertical top-down magazine, with only 36 rounds in it, but you could hit anything you could see. It was a Rolls Royce of a weapon - smooth as silk to fire and a wonderfully controllable recoil. Could pick it up and fold the legs (it was lighter than the GPMG), and it wouldn’t knock you over backwards if you fired it from the hip. It was in NATO use, and might well have been sold to Sweden!


The Bren:
Range, ammo used, RoF, rail options?
I could look this up, but I prefer you telling me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally .303. They were rechambered in the 70s to use the standard 7.62 Nato round. We never used it with anything by iron sights, so what was fixable, I have no idea. Rate of fire was just higher than the GPMG, I think. I’d have engaged from the shoulder (no fixed lines option) at anything short of 1,200 metes (tracer burn-out).

Now, Xogger, I know what you’ll say: tracer is not the best guide as it flies a fraction higher, and you’re quite right, but it does give an indication, when you start losing sight of bullet strike. Long after it was used as an infantry weapon, it was carried by SF (SAS and SBS) because it was lighter (and more accurate), and the mags would fit in pockets (of the whole squad).


Proof that I do not!!!
As I do not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lemme explain…
Heck yes, in many case are tracers a sure must.
In MY!!! specific case, it would be suicide, as I was a “Machine gun sniper” (go figure that one, eh?), but when it comes to night time for instance full battle situations?
Damn straight it’s a nigh necessity, even.

500 to 520 RPM
Effective firing range 550m
Maximum firing range 1,690 m

That ain’t shabby!

Did you request this puppy?


Not yet!

Ah, slower than the GPMG - that accounts for the sweet recoil. Extended mag to 50 or 60, with a x4 sight puttable, with the bonus that it keeps its full accuracy to 400 (machine render) whereas the 59 is rubbish over 200 metres - couldn’t hit a barn from inside it! It would be wonderful.

Mind you, have we talked about Prone? When either of the machine guns are used Prone, the accuracy should shoot up.


I meant that the game allows you to live after dying, over and over. And living after dying from gravity over and over isn’t really different. :wink: Point is, there are so many things not logical in games.


True, that is why I suggested heavy death penalties, sir. :slight_smile:
Not that many liked that, heh…


Discussion moved to proper topic.

Feel free to continue discussing it in here.



Many (including me) expected the FNIX Rising DLC to unlock another island, just like Alpine Unrest DLC did.

As of why FNIX Rising takes place on already known part of the map and not on a new piece of land, well, for that, you have to listen what devs said about it, in FNIX Rising release stream. Explanation starts at 00:21:16,

When it comes to the game developers, you can put most of them into two groups:

  • Good at making good game but poor on business side of the company.
  • Good at business side of the company but poor on the game design aspect.

On 1st instance, many indie developers and small studios fit in here who put out a good game but ask little in return.
On 2nd instance, every game that is Pay to Win, has loot boxes that you have to pay real money for and/or has microtransactions in it, fit here. Sure, it can bring a lot of money for studio but on player side of things, it’s poor choice (aka cash grab games). Mobile gaming market is currently suffering due to such games.

Of course, there are few studios that are good at both and they have “struck gold” in game development market but those are few and far between, e.g: Rockstar Games (Take-Two Interactive).

Well, devs did plan to launch FNIX Rising to all three platforms at the same time but “force majeure” happened and it pushed the release back on consoles. So, rather than choosing the 1st choice, in my previous reply, they choosed the 2nd choice.

It’s easy to say: “Why didn’t you held back the release for all platforms until all three were ready?”.

Let’s look that question on the other side of the fence and with fictional, analog example:
Let’s say you are a carpenter and 3 sisters have ordered the same custom made desk from you. So, you get to work and complete all 3 desks.
1st sister is happy with her desk, 2nd sister is nit-picky of your work and wants some changes while 3rd sister is completely unsatisfied and wants to completely change the design of the desk.
So, rather than you giving the completed desk to 1st sister, you withhold it from her, saying: “you won’t get your desk until other two desks are ready, despite your desk being completed and it is just sitting here.”.
With that, you start working on two other desks and once you correct the nit-picks of 2nd sister’s desk, they both come asking for their desks since they want to use them. And again, you give 1st and 2nd sister the same answer as before: “until your 3rd sister doesn’t make up her mind about her desk, neither of you get your desks.”.

Is it fair to withhold both completed desks from two sisters, just because of 3rd sister? :thinking:
I don’t think so.

And this is how the DLC got released for the platforms. Once it was ready, it got released, without withholding it back because of the other(s).

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