Certain audio cutting out

So here I will be listing all the audio sounds which seem to cut out after doing a certain action in the game and I have found that the only ways of fixing it are to restart the console or eject the game disc.

Audio that has disappeared after the bug occurs
•map icon select sound
•track mission pop up sound
•discovering a location sound
•xp gained sound (mouse squeak sound)
•place waypoint sound
•loot box opening sound(works if you open it 2nd time)
•rival notification sounds
That’s all the audio sounds I think that go silent after the bug occurs but apart from the ones I’ve listed all the other sounds work fine

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I’m experiencing this also on PC.

Is this where you’re losing sounds as if they never play, or is it the bug where sound cuts out and fades in sometimes when you lift up items in inventory?

Losing sounds as if they never play also another thing I’ll note is that fast travelling between safe houses can also trigger the loss of the sounds from playing

I’m not going to be starting the alpine unrest dlc until this is fixed don’t wanna have an almost silent play through cause I think game audio is one of the main things in this game as you need it more in some situations where your required to listen out for things

I also have the reload sound cut out as well as the others.

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Before the Alpine update runner footsteps were clear metallic stepping sounds with motor whine. Now if there’s more than one runner nearby it’s like a mess of weird little clicks. It’s not playing them properly.
My own character’s footsteps also now disappear for certain periods of time.

The runner steps being weird has been reported before. Seems to be a distance thing, iirc.

My foot steps are absent all the time. For me it is an FPS thing. If I limit to <60 fps, I have foot steps all the time. I have reported this already.

Now some reason this only happens to me in the mountains region and the south coast region

Check whether your FPS vary with it, or your CPU usage. I had my first foot steps ever in the mountain region near the summit of that big mountain with the view.