Certain collectables not showing up or counting

Hi so can some people help. I have found certain collectables today and i should have 100% but ceratin ones are not counting or registering. Examples are I have found ALL the gnomes and only 3 are blanked out in my list the 1oth 14th and 19th ones and it says 86% should be 100 …same for machine blueprint found all but 2 are not showing up and same with one other section on my page but i cant remeber it i think maybe the safehouses list …i have restarted gen zee shut off xbox started game again but still they dont register …bug still?? and will it be addressed (fixed) so i can see 100 % on everything ? Is this clearly a bug and will it be fixed id like to have everything at 100% i checked today and the 2 blueprints and the 2 gnomes still did not show up on my list but i have found them ALL.