Chaff rounds, what do they do?


Shortly after the last patch was released Xezr discovered chaff rounds for the granatgevær. Has anyone managed to find one of these lately or was it some experimental feature that really was not supposed to be in the game?

Chaff rounds


Chaff Rounds for M/49 Granatgevär

that is possible. Didn’t they say that the Holy Hand Grenades were not intended to make it in the game as well?


Yeah… Have not seen anyone mentioning it after that post. If anyone has found one i would love to see how it works, if it works.



I’ve seen Chaff rounds drop from Tanks and come out of portable Ammo Boxes. If anyone wants to run some experiments and post the results here that’d be great :slight_smile:


Never seen one in all my hours of gameplay… Do they work?



I got a few chaff rounds off a Tank some time ago. Took the bike there so it was after 1.06. Didn’t try them out though (put them on another character for later use) so I can’t really be of much help, other than I know they exist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Someone was dripping about being under fire from tanks at 2.5 klicks and being unable to break contact to fast travel somewhere else. Perhaps a chaff round would do it.


Like @Xezr said folk’s the ‘’ portable ammo boxes provide chaff round’s ‘’ all you need is an ‘’ empty ‘’ Rocket launcher to get chaff rounds. I do believe they are explosive but not as much Bang as the High Explosive rounds :boom: hope this help’s :+1:


Chaff is generally used in aircraft to misdirect incoming missiles. Maybe it can confuse Machines as well?


If someone can post some videos of this elusive round i sure would appreciate it.



You get chaff rounds when you have no rockets whatsoever,have equipped launcher and use ammo box


So I just tried out the Chaff rounds, and they do the exact same thing as HEDP rounds. This sounds like a bug, so I’m gonna go ahead and put it in Bug Reports. I’ll also rename this topic to avoid confusion.