Chalk or Spray Paint


I would be great if we could use chalk or something to mark walls, would make bunker exploration much less confusing.


Just the other day during the GZ Mixer stream it was asked about making bunkers less confusing a map was mentioned…That said I absolutely love the idea of chalk that would wear off in X period of time. Way to go with a solid useful idea!


I second that! I usually explore a bunker by following the wall on my left (or right … doesn’t matter as long as you do it consistently). That way you will - with a few adjustments perhaps - cover the entirety of the interior. But chalk or spray paint would be really helpful.


I always try to explore a bunker by keeping to the right as I go through it. I have considered dropping something at an intersection for reference but I have considered having spray paint would be very useful.


I really would need some aid wandering about bunkers if it were real. In the game i’m so confused sometimes that i wonder if i ever get to see daylight again (without fast travel). Chalk would definitely help, or some item to place on the floor.


What about Breadcrumbs?


Wouldn’t that be a copyright infringement against “Hansel and Gretel”?