Challenge: Base Must Be Defended From Inside

Clearly it is cheating to leave you base while defending it! Otherwise it is in no way different from tearing round a field shouting at Tanks. And why would you build a defence tower and then not fight from it?

So clearly leaving your base while defending it is cheating. Now build a defendable base!

P.S. @tene : I told you I’d make a video one day. And I haven’t seen you beat the enemy from inside yet! :innocent:

Made my base a big square, 1 wall thick, put up a sniper tower in each corner and 2 along each wall. Put a pill box at every left corner so it shoots along the wall and put up 2 walls to cover back and and side of said pillbox.

After doing hard mode 5 times (so far) walls only been breached once and a walker got in, but it was quickly defeated. Might experiment with making it a little bit smaller for easier mobility from NW corner to SE corner.

Granted im lazy and been using the Experimental PVG 90 for these base defenses. lol

Yeah, I’ve got a four* 76, and four* 84mm, The Klauke is a five*, but then the ammo worked perfectly well from the 2* I had before. I’ve got level 24 at the mo, with my new game, and when I the the 25, I’ll kill every rival on the board and see what we get.

How do your pill boxes fire along the walls? Are they attached to the wall?

yes, since you can change the direction it faces, moved a pill box flush against the wall and turned the arrow to face along the wall to shoot along it. then just placed a wall behind it and the side. Weirdly enough only 1 pillbox keeps getting attacked.

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Since the topic talks about base defence with gameplay videos, i’ll share mine too, for everyone to see. :slight_smile:

Though, do note that when i was defending the truck, i didn’t do it with “no stepping outside” in mind. I just followed what i do naturally. :blush:

Parameters within my game:

  • Gamemode: solo
  • Difficulty: Guerilla
  • Tactics: Fighting from inside my base (did step outside twice)
  • No 6* .50 cal or any variant of .50 cal was ever used
  • No experimental ammo or consumables were ever used
  • No commentary in videos

Easy Mode
(Note: my very 1st time doing the Easy Mode)


  • no base module destruction
  • no breaches
  • 1 death
  • stepped outside twice

Medium Mode
(Note: my very 1st time doing the Medium Mode)


  • no base module destruction
  • no breaches
  • no deaths
  • no stepping outside

Hard Mode
(Note: my very 1st time doing the Hard Mode)

  • 1 pillbox and 1 high wall destroyed
  • no breaches
  • no deaths
  • no stepping outside

Source topic of videos: Guide: "Homeward Bound" challenge

Its just stupid to fight from a defense tower the way weapons, and AI work. You need to move and take cover… Defence tower gives you none of that.

But they look cool…

This is definitely the video that has gotten me most excited over base building!

I don’t mind running around outside the base, as long as I’ve got pillboxes handling other sectors.
It’s easier to defend the base in co-op.

No, no, no, Zesiir, you’ve missed the point. Defending the base outside it is easy. It’s not about “minding” :joy: Defending the base from inside it is harder, so that’s the ground rule. Also you have to design it more carefully.

Oh, so it’s a challenge? Want me to rename the topic to clarify that? I thought it was more of a general discussion thing.

I think it’s a challenge! Come on now Zesiir: think up a great headline! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Finally got around to completing the challenge! :smiley:
Went solo on skirmish, used exp ammo but only in slow acting rifles. No steps were taken outside. :sunglasses:
Light damage but nothing serious until the end when i made a pretty dumb fumble :sweat:
Cheers and thanks for the challenge @Bootie !

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