Guide: "Homeward Bound" challenge


With May '21 update, a new set of 4 challenges were added to the base game. Created this topic to help out anyone who might struggle with Homeward Bound challenge.

In Homeward Bound challenge, you need to:

  1. Complete the “Good News” side mission
  2. Complete the “Our New Home” side mission on Easy mode
  3. Complete the “Our New Home” side mission on Medium mode
  4. Complete the “Our New Home” side mission on Hard mode

Overall tips

After you’ve completed the “Good News” mission and are ready to build your base, do note that you don’t have to have building resources in your inventory. If you have them stored in Recycling Station then they are automatically pulled from there.

Building base modules and then dismantling them doesn’t loose any resources for you. So you can experiment with different base designs freely.

Also, your own weaponry doesn’t damage any of your base modules. Only machine’s weaponry damages the base modules.

There are plenty of resources scattered around the base build area: wood, steel, copper, textile etc, which you can collect and all of them also respawn, within 1 gameplay hour or so.

The time given between waves, 90 seconds, can be used to repair/rebuild any of your base modules. It’s also a good time to restock yourself, if you’ve run low on ammo/first aid kits.

Do note that i’m a solo player and i play on PC with Guerilla difficulty. Your mileage may vary depending on your in-game difficulty level, your tactics, your base design and how many people you play with.

Tips for each tier

Tier 1 requires you to complete the “Good News” side mission. The mission is straightforward and starts when you get near Lerberget town, in Forest region.

1st, you need to collect a letter in Lerberget:

Then, you need to go Leräng to collect the C4:

And finally, you need to get inside the FNIX base, plant the explosives, and get out before base blows up:

Once the FNIX’es base blows up, the “Good News” mission, alongside Tier 1 is completed. After which, you can start building your base in place of FNIX’es base.

Tier 2 is your first challenge, where you need to defend your base against machine waves in Easy mode. Just activate the proper console when you’re ready for a battle.

You don’t need to call in the machine wave once the game tells you to do so. You can take your time to collect resources and fully construct your base.

Below is my gameplay of successfully defending my base in Easy mode to get Tier 2 completed:

Tier 3 is same as Tier 2, but this time, you need to select Medium mode.

Below is my gameplay of successfully defending my base in Medium mode to get Tier 3 completed:

Tier 4 is same as Tier 2, but this time, you need to select Hard mode.

Below is my gameplay of successfully defending my base in Hard mode to get Tier 4 completed:

And this concludes “Homeward Bound” challenge guide.



I totally forgot where it started exactly, but I read it starts in the Mården Bunker, can you confirm that?

I teleported to Östevik’s Church (Kyrkhöjden) and then started walking towards North.

I got the mission exactly when i reached this spot:

And was that also the point where you got the mission icon to go to Lerberget?

I don’t understand why some people advising others to go the the Mården bunker to start the mission. I can’t remember going to that Bunker, but maybe I did. I had no trouble getting the mission, but I forgot to make notes of that. Too excited I guess. :crazy_face:


It is possible that once you fast travel to Marden, you’re in close proximity to Lerberget and the mission pops-up. Though, i played it safe and instead hiked my way towards it, exploring new POIs along the way. :slight_smile:

You’re probably right, maybe that is why some people ask how to get the mission, which I thought was strange. But isn’t there an official mission start? On fandom-wiki they mostly add where the mission starts. Anyway thanks, for the answers.

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Mission start is by proximity. In this case, proximity to Lergerbet.

There are other missions which start by proximity. E.g Alpine Unterst DLCs 1st mission “Not Alone” also starts by proximity. If you fast travel to IGA and then start walking North, towards Lennart’s Marin AB, you’ll get the mission pop-up along they way.
And same goes to the FNIX Rising DLCs “Never Trust Anyone”.

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Do players need the paid DLC to be able to do the new base building missions?


Base building is included free in the Resistance update. :slight_smile: No paid DLC is needed for it.

Sorry I’m totally new to the forums. The challenge homeward bound is completely broken for me on PS4. I was able to complete base defense on easy but I was then locked out of it. It will not let me use the radio to start another base defense. I’ve tried turning the ps4 off and rebooting the game but nothing works.

It isn’t broken, instead, you need to improve your Forest region score and the mission will pop-up again.
Ontop of that, there is also a 1 gameplay hour cooldown between base defense missions.

Further, and in-depth explanation here: [EXPLAINED] How The Home Base Defense Mission works - Can't start the Home Base Defense Mission, "Disabled. Generate region score to provoke attacks" - #14 by Avalanche_knivspark

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Hey thank you so much!

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My Game Is Broken And Its Not Like O The Region Level Is Not High Or Whatever is Just Broken The Car Is Not There And The Buttons Are Gone Too. Any Fixes For That?

, there is da man, putting a Vision Mod on his RLG-7. I love that feature so much. :smile:

I might be a bit late to this, but past tier 1 nothing is tracking for me. I’ve completed all of the difficulties. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve noticed the same issue with some missions around the map. (Not the same issue, but I’ll complete a mission, and it won’t count toward the progression, and so even though the missions are complete in my missions log, they don’t show as complete on the map.)

Is there a patch for this ever planned, or am I too late to the game?

All you can hope for is a fix in the December update, if not. Itll maybe be next year when they fix it after the so far 9 months they havent fixed the challenge.

I have a region level of 25. Level 2 is still not available to me. Blocked.I don’t know what to do.