Mission-starts by proximity or by finding items, Information

Anyway, I’ll go ahead and put the data on the correct place, and see if I need more.


So if i understand correctly: Behind the curtain unlocks after finishing the four mission you listed above. Yes?

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Yes. That is the case.

Also, there are prerequisite missions for The Enemy of my Enemy.

I’ll look if i can find them.

After some gravedigging;


OK, good info. Maybe we can find out what mission that is.


Or it starts after Calle is finished about the secret weapons program. You were standing still when I popped.


Actually, i was making my way to the Ringfort, from Masskar, on foot. Sight-seeing and looking what changes there were in South Coast.
At some point, i heard Calle on the radio and i stopped once i heard it. While i was a bit late to hit record, subtitles show the full sentence. Also, when NPCs are talking via radio, i stand still, doing nothing, not to mask the speech with movement/weapon fire noise. (I have a plan with NPCs chatter. :wink: )

Of course, there are other, proximity start missions in the game. From our previous conversation:


Ow… :studio_microphone: :level_slider:


I’m currently in the process of making a new topic. Once it’s ready, you all see what it is. :wink:


And it’s posted. At least the initial part of it: NPC monologues & dialogues

Starts by activating the “warboard” in the bear hotel wine cellar.

Proof here, at 18:10:
(Not my video, instead, i use it to type out NPC chatter since i didn’t record my Himfjäll gameplay.)

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Aha Thanks, I add it right away. Btw that’s is a great video, seeing people who having fun, like I have in the game. Struggling with the bikes. I travelled to the strangest and seemingly impossible spots with the bike. I got very good at it.


Answering machine in the town of Boo.

(Not my vid but stumbled on it due to my NPC chatter topic. :grin: )
At 18:34:

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Cool. However, there is so much changed in Boo. The red house in the video with the answering machine, isn’t there anymore. Now on that spot is a Kundsam. I guess, that the answering machine could be in there. But it could be in any of the houses. Only way to know for sure if that mission is played again in the changed world. Do answering machines disappear after listening, or do they stay, but no longer active?

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And i didn’t thought about map rework. :thinking:

Though, one way, albeit tedious, is to:

  • back up your save
  • wipe live save, so progress and missions reset
  • make a new game and hike to all possible locations
  • note down the side mission start spots in revamped areas
  • once you have all you need, just overwrite the live save with your backup save
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The answering machine is in the Kundsam, I found it. So it is on the same aprox. spot.


Hogging Supplies - read letter in house in Skogshult.
Stealing from the Poor - Listen to audio recording next to a soldier at 604, -318

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I have been watching videos, and found most mission triggers. One still remains

? => In the Face of Adversity

In the Face of Adversity, could be some pickup in Måsskår, or maybe the warboard in the Ringfort, because Jenny is there.

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In the side-mission ‘Last Resort’ Do you remember if the mission trigger was a pickup from this wall-table or something on the wall itself?

This in the lobby of the Hotel.

No. As far as i recall, it starts in Hammarbodarna, inside the Cafe (or just outside of it, on the floor), after you pick up this mission item:

I’ll look for video proof about it from the net.


At 20:41, we can see the map opened and recorder hovers over side mission icon, which shows Last Resort, and indicating that it starts from within Cafe. On normal view, the side mission icon is also seen, directing to go inside the Cafe.
Looking video a bit earlier, we can see he making his way to Hammarbodarna, without having Last Resort. And after that timestamp, he skips the Cafe completely, without picking up the Last Resort starting item (screened above).

(Not my vid.)

With this, i’m not sure but i have a vague recollection that it might have a proximity start when you reach, on foot, near or at the finish point of the bike race course. :thinking: It should pop-up when you make your way, on foot, from Masskar to The Ringfort, which i did.