Cool base designs and ideas - A general thread

I made a base building discussion a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d make a place for all your ideas and designs. Traps, walls, turrets, whatever.

I haven’t had enough wood up until now, but I’ve wanted to make some sort of funnel base since the update came out. I made it so the van is open to attack, but as the machines make their way down a corridor, they get mowed down by 2 turrets. It didn’t really work out as planned but I’m going to mirror it on the opposite side and see how it fares then. Here’s the full defense if y’all want to see the design:

I can’t wait to see what some of y’all show!

Not sure how you fit that all in. Tried this out with my buddy. We don’t really have a lot placed down, but if we try to place anything else it say limit reached.

Not impressed with this at all.
Have to run around an Area with no enemies to try an get your level up so you can start defending the base. This needs slot of work. Ran around 2 hours couldn’t even fix enough enemies to even start this.

Nice base design.

How many walls have you placed? It’s a max of 150.

As for raising your region level, there’s 3 respawning ticks near the base. Theres a cave south a few meters down the mountain, full of FNIX stuff. If you kill them, teleport far away, and come back, they should respawn. It’s a little slow but it lets you raise your score without having to spend a while to find normal enemies.

Also, keep in mind there’s a limit of one defense per hour, I don’t know if that’s an IRL hour or an hour of in-game play.

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There is no need for any more, especially when it results in cross-posting. Due to that, i have to close your topic.