Base Building discussion

Now that base building is finally confirmed after much theorizing (for the April update on the 27th), I thought I’d start a new thread of what y’all want and don’t want from it.

I want it to be interactive and very detailed I also want it to be dupe free
I want the supplies required to be realistic not like 3 steel and 5 plastic
you should have to clean up the area before building or at least enemies


I want first to see how it functions, and discuss it after that.


Personally I don’t need it at all. GZ is, thank god, not the typical “survival” game and has no real persistent world environment, so I for me really don’t need a “base” and so I have no need for basebuilding, too, of course.

But these are only my 2 Ct, your mileage may vary…

So it’s like @0L0 said, wait and see and then we’ll talk again…


I’m calling West Island from the South Coast region

Yeah, the FNIX power lines point right to it :wink:

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It’s gotta be, there’s not way they will go East yet

Not much to discuss about it since it isn’t out yet.

But as seen from trailer, there may be more than one base location to choose from.

As far as implementing it goes, if it’s similar to Mad Max, where there are projects, which once completed, make the base more alive and also grant small benefit to the player - then i’m with it.
But when it’s like The Resistance or The Ringfort missions, where i need to go out of my way to build it for NPCs and then defend it as well (i too don’t like the base defense idea) - then i’m not keen about it.

I prefer a base which is in a safe area and won’t be attacked. But lore wise, that can’t be done when your base sits in an open area (as seen from last scene in the trailer). Base inside the cave, well hidden, should go undetected by machines.
In that sense, i’d prefer when we can freely choose which safehouse to make our base.

Another question what i have, is: what do bases give to us that existing safehouses already won’t? :thinking:
Or perhaps, devs are removing the crafting/recycling stations from current safehouses and only place where you can have them is inside the base?


So far, all the attempts I’ve encountered to build and defend bases in Østertørn have ended in tears. Shattered structures, dead bodies everywhere, or simply just abandoned. As my character has his mind set on getting back to Gøteborg to meet up with Annika (the girl with the yellow t-shirt), I’m sure he keep moving between safehouses to avoid attracting too much attention. But who knows … perhaps he’ll eventually embrace the situation and settle down :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m thinking that every FNIX outpost will be a base building area, or maybe a select few safehouses. maybe just maybe it will be C.A.M.P style from fallout 76.

As Kimosabe_X said, I also don’t need Base Bulding in GZ.
I know that many people want base building system but at the same time, many others don’t like it.
So how about releasing base building as a DLC (optional content)??


While i do love base building, there are many ways base building is done in different games, like:
(Descriptions under names, when clicked on.)


7 Days To Die has really neat block-based world and base building. With block-based concept, you can make any shape base you like. Also, besides collecting different resources, you need to combine them to make better resources so you can upgrade the block (wood, reinforced wood, cobblestone, concrete, reinforced concrete, metal) to give it more HP. You can also paint each block to suit your needs and there are also predefined models (e.g cupboard, table, couch, bed, TV, faucet, lamp) to complete the interior.
You can either take over existing POI and improve it to make your base (as i did) or let your imagination to flow and build your base from scratch.

Another popular game, that uses block-based system is Minecraft.


DayZ has section-based base building with predefined models, e.g door, wall, foundation, tower, weapon rack, storage box etc and besides assembling them from resources, players can only change the placement of them.

Another popular game, that uses section-based system is Rust.


Subnautica has module-based base building where you can build your base module by module (aka room by room). E.g add observation dome (module), sonar module, vehicle bay module, section of corridor etc. Most modules can be connected to each other to build one big base.
That method fits very well with Subnautica but doesn’t give that much freedom as block-based method would give. Then again, players don’t have to build their base brick by brick (block-based) or wall by wall (section-based), making it easier to build your base. In Subnautica, there are also predefined models for interior furniture.

Another popular game, that uses module-based system is Astroneer.

Base improvement

Mad Max (another game by Avalanche Studios) has base improvement rather than base building and player has no control over the design or placement. Either build it or not. But to build it, you’ll get mission from NPC and once you complete that mission, NPCs in the base itself, are building that improvement.
For the Mad Max setting, i think it works very well since in there, you’re mainly on the move rather than settling down in one specific area (similar to GZ).

Another game, that uses base improvement system is State of Decay 2. In there, you can also choose the placement of individual rooms. Within your base, there are predefined “slots”, where you can build either “small improvement” or “large improvement”. These also break down to “indoor slot” and “outdoor slot”. But you are free to decide which improvement you want to build to which free slot.

Though, i don’t have a specific preference for base building method. I like each method in one way or another. With base building, it all comes down which system is used and if that system suits the game’s needs (not my needs. I’m flexible on that part).

For GZ, i would prefer the base improvement method since it seems to fit best with GZ. Also, it would give us missions to do, to improve the base along the way. While it actually isn’t base “building”, it also doesn’t require a lot of time on player part to “complete” the base, like the first three methods require.


For the moment it is too soon to discuss most of the Base Building aspects.
But, there is one issue.
The Recycling Station will need an upgrade, materials have a lot of weight, and i doubt the needed quantity for the “base building” will be the same as the one required for each apparel upgrade (which is not that much).

We don’t even know if we need the crafting materials to “build” the bases. For all we know, “base building” could be same, as it is in the “Ghost of the Past” (Alpine Unrest DLC) and “The Ringfort” (FNIX Rising DLC) missions.

I´m just following logic and stating that IF it works the same way as with apparel, we will need a bigger storage.
That is all, after April 27th we will know for sure…

i realy hopes that there will be things to make the base more detailed like emblems and maybe a faction flag? like a swedish flag?

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what’s that midsummer flag called? base builds could have that limited time item, perfect time too: summer is coming up

Yeah, there could even be a couple small DLC packs (kind of like the clothing apparel DLC’s) that include things such as emblems.

I think most of the building capabilities will be an improved version of what a player can do to fortify the hotel in the Defend the Hotel mission Alpine Unrest DLC.

I agree with others on here, not sure how I feel about the building aspect or how it will work. I do hope though that before they bring that in they can fix the game freezes and the glitch where you fall through the map. I’m afraid that base building whatever form it takes will make these issues worse. I had whole areas wiped clean from falling through the map. All rivals lost, area xp to 0 and level to 0.

Personally I would rather more experimental weapons and more machines to kill and also more land to explore over base building.

Base building can make or break the game. Just my 5 cents of thoughts

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