Base Building discussion

I vote against base-building, but we’re already tolerated “base improvement” with Bjornturnet and Ringfort.

It just doesn’t sit right with me - building a base from scratch, when FNIX has means and solutions to trample over most of defencive structures (Hemvarnets and Soviet Intervention Forces and makeshift barricades/fortifications are precedents). The only thing that FNIX couldn’t fully grasp and overpower is persistent guerilla warfare by teenagers (players). Guerilla do have bases, just not so obvious as forts or camps like big burning base in the west Archipelago, but more clandestine like some of remote/isolated safehouses or caverns (command bunkers included).
How these two could stand? Both were helped by players (well duh): hotel first had most machines diverted to noisy town (thanks to commotion created by players) and then one of machine-producing facility nearby had to be shut down, again, due to players messing around.

The Ringfort could stand because of quick actions and daring counter-attack, also again, because players messed around key facility and caused it to “shut-down”, all of which forced to setback FNIX again.

The only reason I see for “base-building” to exist in this game is to draw big target plaques “shoot here” to keep FNIX busy and away from actual base of operations.

They cant destroy our base if we destroy them first. And the player is so good so even if FNIX whould make a new artillery piece to use against us i dont think they whould succed. The player and the resistance whould just take down the artillery. and maybe they make it so we can have trenches so we can make shelters? so i think base building is good for this game

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I personally support base building. If the materials are kind of Iike in forest, or DayZ, it would give us something to grind for when we aren’t doing mission DLC’s or something like that. And it would always be there because, obviously, when you get attacked, things are going to break or explode. So, there will always be something to do improvement wise.

Obviously, any time a big change like this is implemented, glitches are inevitable, but in my opinion it would be worth it for the possibilities of gameplay.

That’s another unknown aspect of the base building. We either get player triggered attacks (most convenient) or force upon attacks (regardless what you do, machine will come and attack your base). :thinking: Former one doesn’t make sense lore wise and latter one can become annoying chore.

Although non-triggered attacks would get annoying, they would be absolutely great for XP farming, especially if its true that you don’t get mission XP anymore if you have a level 31 character.

Also, it would be good leveling up regions.

Of course, the same thing would happen if we triggered the attacks ourselves, but as stated earlier, that is not lore friendly.

When you’re ready with your defenses, it’s time to trigger the attack, and as a player, you’ll be able to select between three different difficulty levels, where the hardest one will earn you the most spoils. If you make it out alive, that is.

The devs said in the last letter that you would be able to pick three trigger levels with each having it’s own reward. I think triggering base attacks on a medium or hard mode would be great for leveling up different skill chars.

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Yeah, especially if you started one a little later and want to regain some ground.

how do you think it will work when you build your base? is it going to be like like fallout 4 or will it just be already made buildings that you can place

I just don’t see the point of it.

What exactly am I meant to be defending?

maybe the machines that roam östertörn?

Defend machines?

If it was my own tank then yeah I suppose that would be an angle. Protect the machine etc…

Point being, base building / hoard mode is fine as a concept - but it’s been done while defending the ring fort within a mission so there’s a lot of grey areas still.

well sorry i of course meant that you whould defend your base from the machines, and now you will be defending your own base against machines

Personally I like the idea to be able to fight hordes of machines. I just wish you didn’t have to initiate the attack yourself, because it feels a bit fake.

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should we find where we can build before the update?

I think they will give us a few predetermined options to choose from for building on.

Following the recent streaming of Pontius we have some clues what will be the base-building and how to do it and what needed.

To place/use the elements we need resources like wood we have to collect. The amount needed seems very low, that’s good.

You can select the difficulty for a wave attack (low normal high) of the mobs on your base.

The elements placed on the grid are destructible but can be repaired or dismantled also using resources.

Here are some screenshots i could make from Pontius his explanation.

The base location

The building raster

Wall elements

Defence elements

Repair/dismantle elements

Selecting difficulty wave attack


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What about the materials, will they have a storage just for them?
Or they will use the same recycling station?
Any info on that?

So we have had a couple days to try out the base building and wave defense. I quite like it so far, gives us something to do with cool and new rewards. The one thing I hope for is some new buildings types, and/or new pieces in already made types. We have a couple walls to work with, some defenses, a tower. There are already plenty of resistance and soviet buildings and fortifications that could be used. I will provide screenshots and more detail below.

First off, some higher end tier base stuff would be cool. Like heavy sheet metal walls, even titanium ones. There are several soviet ones that can be remade by the resistance, ot straight up stolen.

We have a simple wall here. We can also have a lightly raised version.

We then have a small tower.

We have a sandbag formation here.

Finally we have this tent. I think something “inside” can be cool. Possibly be able to fit crafting stations and ammo storages in there.

Now we have a collection of resistance fortifications that could be used. These are more plausible since the resistance clearly know how to build them

This raised sandbag formation here is what I like the most. More raised position other than the small tower we have would be nice. We could possibly make this a s defense item with a small pillbox built into the bottom.

We also have these barrels here. These could be a cheap metal option.

Thanks for reading my post. The building here has a good foundation that could be made more fun and interesting with more build items and types. We have some really cool ones in game already that I fell could have some use.


If you like to have them in the game, then you should post them in the appropriate topic, link: Home Base, Feature Requests
This here is base building discussion topic. :slight_smile: