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So, base building is now out with the release of the May Update, and we’ve already got an old thread that hasn’t seen activity in quite a while, I’m going to lock that down and focus all new suggestions into this thread.

This’ll be the active topic for those who wish to request future additions to the upcoming base building feature. As the content is released, the topic title will be adjusted, and I’ll add more information to this post. All future created topics concerning this subject will be merged here.

Remember to keep things constructive, civil and whatnot.


Weapons Rack feature

Player-built base only? Losing your base does not delete your weapons but you may not access the weapons-rack interface unless interfacing with one from within someone’s base.

Where are these items actually stored? The Rack should only be an interface and essentially a buff to the Plundra. Permanently, and upon first interaction with a weapons rack → Partial weapon weight burden should be lifted from the Plundra, suggesting that canonically the weapons are now on the weapons rack (specifically 2kg for each unique weapon name)

The weapons rack should solve only three problem:

  1. Your weapons collection being very messy to review and search-through
  2. The extreme weight burden of collecting one of each weapon (for me this is currently ≈ 25 weapons totalling ≈ 50 Kilograms, for people who own weapons DLC it is somewhat heavier).
  3. Serving as an elegant solution to retrieve weapons and your best attachments for them.

Consequentially this would reduce the extreme motivation that players currently have to created dedicated “mule” characters for carrying their excess supplies and equipment.

Avoid dictating to players what the “best” weapons are. (Do not have 1 slot for each “weapon”; the [Experimental Pump Action Shotgun] is not a replacement for the 5 Crown [Pump Action Shotgun] – most players should want both | [Experimental Grg/49] is not a sensible choice for EMP – most players should want an additional none-experimental [Granatgevär m/49])
Avoid adding encouragement of hoarding/extreme grinding behaviour (do not have a weapon rack slot for every quality of every weapon)
Leaving a blank slot for DLC weapons is absolutely fine, I for example don’t mind if this drives sales of a DLC that I have chosen to not purchase (US) (I might buy Russian weapons).

Slots: 1 for each weapon name. This means 1 slot for your best stored Möller but 2 slots for Klaucke because the Experimental Klaucke has a unique name (and model / effect).

Attachments collection: I believe the best solution is to maintain the current system of attachments being a weight burden in your Plundra/inventory. However the Weapons Rack would serve as a unifying interface allowing you to find and apply attachments across your inventory and your characters. Apparel crafting is already capable of drawing resources from your inventory and Plundra simultaneously.
I strongly considered suggesting that weapons-magazines are a special-case attachment however this adds significant logical complexity.

Notes: 18 none-DLC weapons, 3 DLC weapons, 8 Experimental weapons (Unique name+ effects), 3 additional upcoming DLC weapons announced, 1 additional weapon announced.
Plundra weight limit 200kg. Weapon weight always 2kg. Attachment weight always 0.25kg. Ammo weight varies. Player carry limit 64kg/80kg/96kg dependant on skills.


Okay it’s a bit long but bear with me.

So after playing around with defending the Homebase I’m simultaneously Impressed and disappointed.
Overall I think this was a nice addition to the game, and I had some fun with it, it has potential.
I like what has been added, but it’s not there yet.

I’m gonna mention what I didn’t like, ideas to improve what exist and what could be added

First of, after trying easy mode on skirmish difficulty I was surprised to see how fast the health of the walls and defenses dwindled during the attack
So after going over the damage to my base, I thought about what changes, that I not only would like to see but that I feel is needed to make this game mechanic more enjoyable.

when it comes to the health on structures I feel like we need to see either

  • More health/armor for the existing walls and defenses so that they could take more damage


  • Stronger structures that gets unlocked after completing the defense for the first time.
    For example walls and defenses that have higher build cost but has 2-3 times the health of the current structures

Alright now that I’ve mentioned what i feel needs to be changed let’s get to the less pressing topics.
I thought about how this base defense could be better after thinking about for some time I came up with some things I would like to see.

First of, Defenses. More like, automated defenses.
Let’s begin with the Resistance Machine Gun Pillbox.

I thought that the Machine Gun Pillbox/Bunker should have a higher rate of fire, but after thinking about it some more I got some ideas.

What if the player could, in a way “invest” in it.
You would be able to give it a weapon you already have and the quality of the weapon would determine it’s rate of fire, accuracy and damage. (no experimental weapons)
you could also give it different types of weapons, like Assault Rifles, shotguns or SMGs.

Then I thought, what about Snipers?
Well what about the Resistance Hunting Tower

You could be able to build a tower, that is enclosed like the pillbox, that you could give sniper rifles or even Launchers like the RLG-7 or the GRG m/49 again the quality determines the accuracy, rate of fire and damage (perhaps also grenade launchers if/when they get added and again no experimental weapons)

So how would you give it a weapon?

Well based on the pillbox description

there’s a person inside it. based on that fact I got some ideas.

An addition to the base could be amenities for survivers, like living quarters, and a common area, this would naturally appear at a fixed location within the buildable area most likely at the south or south-east side of the truck where there are less machines approaching

This area is where you could interact with NPCs to give them weapons and assign them to their defense positions, this part is not somewhere you could build freely but that you can put resources into the structures/buildings you want.

Buildings you could create there could be:

  • Barracks - determines how many survivors are in the camp and would then also by a determining factor in how many automated defenses you could have
  • Medical tent - will automatically heal the player when they are inside or spawn medical supplies between waves and after the attack
  • Scout station/resource station - will slowly acquire building materials and other resources when the base is not under attack. (these resources can only be used for the base)

some more amenities could:

  • Mess hall / eating area
  • Social area - perhaps a fire place with some logs that people sit around (one person could be playing a guitar)

The mess hall and the social area only serves to boost the moral of the survivors which could give a bonus to the:
Medical tent, in the form of healing rate
Resource station, in the form of how fast it gathers resources
Defense structures, in the form of how much health they have

So for the final thing
damaged and destroyed structures

The resource requirements for repairing walls and defenses should be more forgiving in my opinion.
if walls gets completely destoyed they should leave behind ruble that you must scrap or dismanlte before you can build there this will give you some resources back (perhaps ovarall 10% return)

While automated defense structures, that are obviously manned, can not be destroyed but will instead be disabled and inoperable, these can be fixed with health items and might return automatically with 15-20% health between waves depending on if you have a medical tent or not. you can also repair the structure itself with metal and wood to give the gunner more protection again.

[edit] For god sake can we get rid of that humming from the FNIX structures around the base it’s so annoying when you have to listen to it all the time while planning you defenses and building them.


Being able to equip the machine gun pillbox with your own weapons and ammo would be AWESOME. So would having a resistance hunting tower and equipping then with the same.
Great idea on a separate location for barracks, medical, and mess hall to the southeast. (I highly doubt they’ll introduce the scout station to give us supplies over time as they’ll want us to farm those resources ourselves; but it does make sense to have it).

To add to your barracks idea, maybe people could randomly be found around the map when farming regions and then added to your barracks. But they also have a chance of dying so we’ll always want to keep looking for them. This would be another reason for us to farm outside the base area, as it seems they don’t want us to focus too heavily on it.


I think it whould be cool to have some furniture so the base feels more alive and a roof too, and maybe a swedish flag?

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  • Endless mode, no need for different difficulties.
  • Make it available at every safehouse
  • A new layer of XP progress that doesn’t impact the skill tree or anything, something worth grinding for

That looks SO fallout 4 (didn’t played, much heard). One of big reasons I skipped it because of this “settlement” thingy. I tolerate base-building in GZ as thing to do because it gives stuff to spend/craft and you are in full control of it.


I agree, but it’s that or decrease the cost of repairing your structures, after every attack I’m sitting there with dwindling resources. The amount of material i have to sacrifice to maintain my walls and defenses makes it all fell very unrewarding

Yeah, that would be cool. I was thinking that they would just show up after you successfully defended the base.

Erm. I would say that they just get unable to fight for the remaining assault or until you heal them.
I would assume that their aren’t many survivors out there so it doesn’t really make sense that we could just find a new one when one dies. Survivors would essentially be in limited numbers
But I see where you are coming from. Perhaps there could be a random encounter where you must aid some entrenched survivor in a house by defeating machines around the house or giving them some supplies.

yeah some more decorative items would be nice perhaps a flag with the resistance logo or the three crowns
Perhaps other flags like American, Sovjet, …Norwegian?

I was thinking more of how the base of operations in Tom Clancy’s The Division gets upgraded as you progress, but you’re right. however whats the point of defending a truck on top of a mountain if there is no reason for the truck to actually be up there. Yes it would be a bit like the settlement system from Fallout 4, but I think it’s better to

  • defend the base, to protect the people that live there and give them hope that we can reclaim what FNIX has stolen

instead of

  • Defend the base, to protect the … truck? i guess?

That would definitely be a stronger lore motivation overall.

For me, just a small thing i’d like to see, is having build mode be toggleable without selecting a structure. It would help for counting the grid if you need to.
Some sort of simple sleep function, roll out a designated sleeping bag for it somewhere in the base that takes 2x1.
And maybe some varied storage (the weapon rack idea would also work) but that would solve a ton of the cumbersome inventory issues we can tend to have, then the plundra could serve as “on the go” storage.
But the real feature requests will kick off once xbox gets its update. :smiling_imp:


That would indeed be nice.

that is something that I think has been requested before, option to skip time.

Feedback request - Sorting items in the inventory - Feedback/Feature Requests - Generation Zero Forum

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With my long gaming life I learned how switch off “lore” and “narrative excuses” filters and lookat game as construct of features and mechanics.

“This truck in the middle of nowhere absolutely must be defended, but you decide when and it’s okay if you lose it. Come back later.” sounds like optional arena/defensive horde mode (which are on my good side, not that I favor them). Totally stuff from which I can get my high from heartbursting pace and pulling through overwhelming odds. Totall not an errand boy for needy NPCs, who need something trivial on a daily basis and all they do is wandering around or sitting with their asses welded to chairs and hands cuffed to their beercups.

As I said, but in different words - I tolerate this totally optional arena/horde mode that gives you powerful and (as my heart cringes) magical bullets or other long-term rewards, if you get through of course.The only things that puts bricks on my head is the fact that I need to build all defences from scratch (for which I admittedly lacking creativity for) and extensively loot even more containers for new resource, that gives my hoarding urges even worse. I mean currenly wood is gained from containers and I’ve yet to get it from machines or by recycling stuff.


Well i think that a swedish flag or stickers whould be cool, why swedish? well we are a swedish resistance and i think that most of the survivors whould still be patriotic. And some furniture whould be really nice to make the base more like a base, maybe stuff like; desks, beds, crates, Maybe a weapon rack?, cooking stove, and maybe small stuff like trash bin, desklamp, lockers, chairs, and maybe a makeshift station for decoration? like a medbay, armoury, kitchen? and maybe resistance fighters at the stations?

what do you think?

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stuff so you see like they said in the trailer; we are building back our resources

Weapon rack: permament attachment to the wall, adds “+5% damage resist”.
Just because I’m bored of recycling over and over some rusty rifles, then why not to “reinforce” walls with them? There’s Iron Throne, made of swords, so why don’t we get ourselves as iconic “Wall-o-Guns”?

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So we have had a couple days to try out the base building and wave defense. I quite like it so far, gives us something to do with cool and new rewards. The one thing I hope for is some new buildings types, and/or new pieces in already made types. We have a couple walls to work with, some defenses, a tower. There are already plenty of resistance and soviet buildings and fortifications that could be used. I will provide screenshots and more detail below.

First off, some higher end tier base stuff would be cool. Like heavy sheet metal walls, even titanium ones. There are several soviet ones that can be remade by the resistance, ot straight up stolen.

We have a simple wall here. We can also have a lightly raised version.

We then have a small tower.

We have a sandbag formation here.

Finally we have this tent. I think something “inside” can be cool. Possibly be able to fit crafting stations and ammo storages in there.

Now we have a collection of resistance fortifications that could be used. These are more plausible since the resistance clearly know how to build them

This raised sandbag formation here is what I like the most. More raised position other than the small tower we have would be nice. We could possibly make this a s defense item with a small pillbox built into the bottom.

We also have these barrels here. These could be a cheap metal option.

Thanks for reading my post. The building here has a good foundation that could be made more fun and interesting with more build items and types. We have some really cool ones in game already that I fell could have some use.


Flooring. Wood, metal, or concrete.
The floor by radio-truck in the base is just (snowy) dirt which becomes extremely shiny when lit by lanterns or sunshine. It also looks kinda jarring that watchtowers and gates have concrete foundations leading to nothing but shiny wet dirt.

Fix gate noises. The player built gates constantly make annoying metal shaking noises when you’re near them which is super annoying.

Buildable lights are unpleasant The lanterns on small sticks are way too bright and orange leading to extreme ambient and reflected light on and through nearby objects and floor, but also their culling distance is super short, only like 30 meters even on max graphics settings.
Meanwhile the streetlamps are super dim and probably way too pale for 1990, but at least they’re visibly lit at a distance of like 200 meters which is nice.

Spawn point but not a safehouse? Shouldn’t the Home Base be a game-load-in spawn point instead of constantly putting us at the nearest unlocked safehouse? This is surely a bug if not an obviously overlooked feature.

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Sandbags - “low wall”, needs textile, rubber and possibly thread. Primarily to save up wood and steel, also aestetic.
Barbed wire - “passive defence”, steel, copper. a very low passable wall, that casts “slow” (if bullets can do that) and damage. Good for bases that rely on “short” walls and extensive use of obstacles. As seen on farmlands (south of F23 airbase savehose, behind fence breach).
Wiretrap - “passive defence”, steel or copper, grenade. Machine passes the line - it goes boom. Possibly enhanced with explosives or straigth up loaded by explody canisters.
Fence - bullet and sight-transparent (can be targeted and shot through), but prevents movement. Depending on height Hunters could vault over it. Have a very high bullet damage resist (but not invulnerable), normal melee and elements resist - damaged by machines melee attacks and blasts, flamethrowers and stomps. Unaffected by gas.

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It would be nice to be able to move structures after placing them. At the same time running around checking what was destroyed or damaged can be a bit tedious so how about having a repair all option to fix all structures. Structures when they break should become a pile of debris on the ground.

  1. You should be able to repair your buildings no matter the health they are at.

  2. Building health is to low.

  3. Increased pillbox damage to machines.

  4. Add a robot that repairs things automatically that doesn’t use your resources, but takes 7-10 minutes real time to repair it, put the cap for them at 3 or 4.

  5. Let us upgrade our buildings.

  6. I already know this is coming but, more buildings.

  7. Add a larger building cap to the pillboxes.

  8. Add explosive traps and EMP traps that you can bury into the ground and have a switch inside of the camp you can use to detonate them.

  9. More offensive buildings.

  10. Spotlights that rotate right and left.

  11. Electric traps that fry the machines CPUs.

  12. A scrap bot that identifies as a resistance fighter so it can go through doors that can find scraps around your base and deposit them in a new specialized scrap box that has its own weight limit, building cap 1.

  13. Auto ammo maker that doesn’t use scrap that is very slow in making a player selected ammo type.

Lower quality ammo (pistol and buckshot) takes 1 minute per bullet/cartridge,

Medium quality ammo ( assault rifle, Magnus, LMG, buckshot, and SMG) takes 1 and 45 seconds per bullet/cartridge.

High quality ammo ( sniper rifle ammo, rockets, and shotgun slugs) takes 3 minutes per bullet/shell/cartridge.

Building cap 1, max ammo cap before machine stops, 200.

  1. Able to move building instead of having to destroy it.