Ideas For Features/Content

As I’ve been playing Generation Zero, quite a few ideas have been floating around in my head. I thought they might be worth sharing. Maybe they’ll make it into the game, maybe they won’t.

New Campaign:

In addition to the existing Generation Zero missions, I would like to see an entire campaign (not a DLC with a handful of missions) which continues the story from where the DLCs left off and adds on to the Resistance update. It would also be awesome to add mainland Sweden (or portions of it) into the game. Since it’s implied that the machines were shipped all over the country, there’s no reason to believe the rest of the country isn’t having the same problems.

American Special Forces/Paratroopers or Soviet Spetznaz:

I think a Green Beret/Spetznaz presence in the story would be cool to see. More specifically, some DLCs revolving around those Special Operations units helping the Resistance fight the robots would be cool. I recognize that there are Soviet/American weapon DLCs, and a clear Soviet presence is established in the story as shown by some of the fortified churches and areas in various towns in the game. A step beyond it however would be cool to see.

More Resistance Missions:

Beyond the side mission that leads to base building, I’d like to see some actual missions revolving around the Resistance patch.

New Consumables/Combining Items In Crafting:

I feel like remote controlled radios would be helpful, so that they do not immediately start blaring music as soon as you put them down, thus forcing you to run. They could be in addition to the original “drop and run” radios/boomboxes that are already in the game. Alongside this, I’d like to see more consumables that could be crafted, such as the EMP cells. Maybe even something like remote C4 (that you could find at a military base or in the various readiness storage places in the game) would be helpful and cool. Also, I’d like to see “gunsmith kits” that let you repair a 1 or 2 star rifle/handgun and bring it up a star depending on how many you have or use.

Something else that I think would be a great addition to the game is the ability to craft item combinations. I.e. putting together an emergency/sticky flare with a propane tank, causing the robots to shoot the tank and thus blowing themselves up if they’re standing close enough.

Rocket Pillboxes:

Pretty self-explanatory, a pillbox with a rocket launcher instead of a machine gun. Maybe the devs were already thinking of doing this at some point (I thought I read something that implied there would be more defenses available later), but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Medical Station:

This would be primarily something you can construct at the base. I was thinking of a station you could build that would heal you/your allies.

Ability to Replay missions in game:

I’d like to see a simple “play again” or “replay mission” option available for missions that have already been completed. I feel this would be easier to do in lieu of the changes that would be required to make to the game in order to fix the issue with the inability to completely restart the missions. Technically, playing with people online who haven’t played all of the missions would allow room from some “replay”, but this isn’t really the same.

New Weapons/Ammo Changes:

  • “Experimental” versions of the American & Soviet weapons.
  • M14 (Maybe “N14” for the purposes of the game), older “hand me downs” like that could’ve been a part of the American weapons pack.
  • Something like the Thompson, M1 Garand, etc could’ve been included among the former.
  • US version of a Rocket Launcher.
  • Russian SKS Rifles
  • Taking 9mm Handgun & 9mm SMG and making the rounds interchangeable (why they’re two different ammo types makes no sense, they’re both 9mm.)

Expanded Plundra:

There are some mods that exist which expand the Plundra’s capacity. I recognize this has been denied a couple of times (I think) but I’d like to see the box go up a small amount perhaps to compensate for any DLCs that involve new weapons in the near future. Especially since they’re probably going to be dumped straight into the box. Alternatively, I feel it would be better if the weapons were just found as many of them normally are (through scavenging/exploration) rather than dumped straight into the box and thus creating a storage space headache.

Better Clothing to Craft:

Percentages of 1-3 make the clothing aspect of the crafting system not worth paying attention to. I’m not certain if the higher star stuff goes up to 20% like the gas mask (even that is ridiculous for what a gas mask is), but 1-3 doesn’t really do anything in the grand scheme of things when we’re dealing with bullets, explosions, fall damage, etc. Editing the percentage values up to actually be valuable would be cool to see.

Ability To Name Rivals:

I’d like to be able to name rivals on my own in game, without the game doing it for me. It would be fun to name rivals all sorts of ridiculous or humorous things.

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Future game updates (or DLCs) do extend the lore further. We just need to wait and see. :slight_smile:

On lore aspect, we don’t know why NATO/Soviet is in Sweden. My guess is that they are there to capitalize on the FNIX, to take it and make it their own, rather than helping the civilian population.

Cool to see? Perhaps. But aren’t there already a plethora of other games where NATO vs Soviet (USA vs Russia) combat takes place? :thinking:

Any ideas as of what exactly?

Already presented and discussed here: Being able to upgrade weapons/attachments to next quality tier

Topic here: Please add ability to craft improvised gadgets

Topic here: Home Base, Feature Requests

Topic here: Please add "New Game"

Topic here: New Weapon Ideas

In the upcoming weapons DLC, we’ll get S21 (based off: M21 Sniper Weapon System - Wikipedia).

Weapon announcement: News from the Team - June 3rd | Generation Zero

Devs are planning to make experimental versions of all weapons. Only time will tell when they come. :slight_smile:

Decision to separate pistol and SMG ammo was due to the reason of SMGs being a huge bullet eaters and if all three would use same ammo, you could easily spend all your 9mm with SMG and left with nothing for your pistol. Hence the ammo separation.

Topic here: Storage box size

Apparel resistance bonuses are helpful, and they go like so:
1* - 1% bonus
2* - 2% bonus
3* - 3% bonus
4* - 4% bonus
5* - 5% bonus

And since you can craft the bonus on 4 different clothing pieces, you can craft up to 20% bonus (4 times 5%). 20% is quite a lot, since skills only give you 10% bonus (Chemist, Armor) while only Vanguard gives you 25% bonus.

And it all adds up.
For example, bullet resistance.

  • If you only have Armor level 1 skill, you have 10% resistance for bullet damage.
    Meaning that if you were to take 100 damage from bullet, you’d only take 90 damage, tanking 10 damage.

  • If you have Armor lvl1 (10%) + Vanguard (25%), you’ll have 32.5% resistance.
    Meaning that if you were to take 100 damage from bullet, you’d only take 67 damage, tanking 33 damage.

  • If you have Armor lvl1 (10%) + Vanguard (25%) + apparel (20%), you’ll have 46% resistance.
    Meaning that if you were to take 100 damage from bullet, you’d only take 54 damage, tanking 46 damage.

I don’t find it fun.
The current rival names are good enough.


On lore aspect, we don’t know why NATO/Soviet is in Sweden. My guess is that they are there to capitalize on the FNIX, to take it and make it their own, rather than helping the civilian population. Cool to see? Perhaps. But aren’t there already a plethora of other games where NATO vs Soviet (USA vs Russia) combat takes place?

So, I’m pretty sure you misunderstood my meaning. I wasn’t thinking in terms of “NATO vs Soviet” combat when I suggested a Green Beret/Spetznaz presence. I’m thinking more along the lines of missions that you could get from Special Forces units from either side that are helping you (i.e. the resistance) fight the robots. The missions would focus on combat with FNIX rather than fighting the Soviets/NATO.

Any ideas as of what exactly?

After some thought, I was thinking that there could be more side missions revolving around the base. To go along with base defense, you could have re playable side missions that offer rewards for ambushing FNIX convoys, attacking & destroying FNIX bases, and assaulting “swarms” that spawn in various areas of the map. These “swarms” would be huge armies composed of the usual suspects, which the players could attack directly rather than waiting to defend against. They could be much larger than what normally spawns on the map or attacks the base, and offer specialized loot (like experimental weapons & ammunition, Uranium, etc. Stuff that you’d normally only get from defending the base or killing rivals.) All generated via region score, and activated on command from the base.

I’m not sold that player char is part of the resistance and is there to help the few remaining civilians, while having to battle against FNIX. Lore isn’t that specific on that part and it lefts a lot unanswered. But that’s another discussion.

As far as missions go, there could be some, that you’ll get from NATO/Soviet troops. Thing is, none of them are found alive in current world of GZ.

Though, when U.S. weapons DLC came, i did suggest a nice and short missions to explain the presence of U.S. weapons in-game;

Similar concept could be used to tie-in Soviet weapons to the game.

But for daily missions to combat machines - for that we have FMTEL stations, giving us Assignments.

Yeah, i don’t know. While i do like bigger battles with loads of machines, having it as a dedicated “swarm”, that you have to take out, doesn’t feel right in GZ universe.

And there’s another, technical issue with it as well.
While PCs can handle all that, last gen consoles (PS4, Xbox) can’t. The load on last gen consoles is already borderline and console limitations are seeping over to the PC as well. For example, many locations in new, revamped areas, have almost all buildings closed off, while they all used to be enter-able. ← That is made to reduce the overall load on consoles. Topic: Regarding inaccessible houses in map revamps
And same goes with the machine amount as well. In the early days, there were plenty of machines but now, you have to search for the machines like a needle in a haystack.