New Weapon Ideas

From what I have recently read on weapon improvements, a lot of people seem to want melee weapons and it undoubtedly clear to see why. They would not only provide a way of defending yourself from the machines without consuming ammunition, but would also allow you to utilise more tactical solutions such as breaking open windows to shoot out at machines from various buildings without consuming ammunition. Here are a few I have suggested. If you have already suggested a weapon that appears on this list before me then like this comment, and if you have not then just like it anyway. :wink:

  1. Sledgehammer
  2. Golf Club
  3. Baseball Bat and or Cricket Bat
  4. Chainsaw - (Could have better armor penetration than other melee weapons and perhaps being more powerful. That could means that it should require fuel to function. Gasps this could be another use for the red gas tank and even fuel stations across the map!)
  5. Shovel
  6. Fire Axe
  7. Crowbar (Could also be a utility tool to access some unique buildings throughout the game.)
  8. Hand Held Industrial Saw (Could also require fuel.)
  9. Hedgecutters (There could be non-extension and extended versions.)
  10. Police Batons
  11. (This one is probably the most ridiculous) Pool Cue and Metallic Pole Spears
  12. Police Riot Shields (Should also provide protection from curtain types of enemies projectiles like Runner and Hunter bullets.)
  13. (This is where I think I am going to end this list. If you have any other suggestions then feel free to comment what weapons you want to see in the future. I have saved what I think is the best for last.) Hunter Pneumatic Blade (When you have killed high level FNIX hunters you should be in with a chance of acquiring a hunter’s blade to use against them. This would be, if I had my way, the highest quality melee weapon available in the endgame and would require no fuel or energy to self-sustain it’s core functionality.) Do not forget to like and share this comment. If you have any other suggestions then leave them down below. I’m interested to see what everyone thinks! See you tomorrow! :wink:

I honestly don’t think melee weapons belong in this game at all.

Imagine taking any melee weapon, be they on this list or not, and trying to damage an armoured vehicle with it. It would do absolutely nothing but scratch the paint. Some wouldn’t even do that.

These machines are made of hardened and armoured steel. .50 BMG rounds that can normally put a fist-sized hole in 5cm thick hardened steel 1 km away barely do any damage to these machines. How exactly hedge clippers, golf clubs and baseball bats would be effective leaves me scratching my head.


It may not have to do damage necessarily but it could also push them back stunning them or even knocking them over. How about that?

Think about this for at moment. The hunter blade can penetrate other robots when under the influence of the hacker perk. Did you think of that?

Consideirng the mass of the hunters and larger, I would say that’s moot. You’d never be able to swing anything hard enough and quickly enough to affect them. Runners, perhaps. But honestly, I would think that a bat, club, etc would be taking up valuable weapon space where I could have a gun that’s actually useful.

That said, I love games with melee. It was one of the things I loved playing Far Cry 3 and beyond. Particularly in the the last couple of games. But against machines, melee is just pointless. To me, if we had the option to kick back a runner / knock it over or stomp a tick, that would be good enough melee for me.

I played with hacker skill my last play through. I didn’t find the hunter’s blade particularly good at killing other enemies. Typically they’d kill others with guns and rockets or exploding flechettes. If they did their jump blade attack, it wouldn’t even kill runners.

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Some of the melee weapons on the list like the pneumatic drill and industrial saw are specifically designed for cutting into thick metal metal like that on the machines. Maybe there would be different categories of melee weapons. Maybe one category can simply stun or kickback curtain types of enemies (at most the hunter) giving you time and space to decide what to do in the moment as well as a second group that can penetrate into there components and armor.

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Again, these are armoured machines (except the prototypes). I guess unless you’ve actually had hands-on experience with armour plating that it isn’t obvious how hard and damage-resistant that stuff is. Your odds of successfully damaging the larger machines with any of those melee weapons would be about the same as if you attacked it with a nail file.

The ability to melee fight off ticks or runners, I would be down with though. But I wouldn’t waste my inventory space carrying a weapon to do that when guns do the job better.

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Maybe the developers could customize a slot specifically for melee weapons to fit into and you therefore you wouldn’t have to waste inventory space on melee weapons.

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Perhaps at the very least some of my mentioned melee weapons on my list could inflict some damage to the exposed components on each machine rather than their armour per say.

Melee weapons would be effective on ticks and seekers. You could also stun a runner or hunter with an EMP and then run up and use a crowbar to knock parts it. maybe remove the fuel cell without it blowing it up in your face.

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I reckon some kind of modified cattleprod could be handy against Ticks or Seekers, so you can preserve ammo for bigger fights. But beyond that, I doubt a melee weapon would be of much use against machines with automatic shotguns, machineguns and rocket launchers.


i’d be happy if the just let me swing the gun instead of having to swap to another weapon. when a tick jumps at me i’d like to be able to knock it away


With the effects of an EMP lasting only a couple of seconds, I wouldn’t it be more useful to use that opportunity to shoot the crap out of and destroy a disabled machine than to simply inflict damage to a few of its components and then having to shoot at it again once it wakes up?

Absolutely. But would you really want to give up 2 valuable inventory slots for a weapon only effective against the smallest, simplest, least dangerous enemies in the game when you already have other weapons that work on them?


not really, look up one post

That I would be TOTALLY in favour of. That’s the kind of melee this game needs - the ability to physically kick back / swat smaller attackers (where it makes sense). Use the gun stock to smash the small enemies getting into your face. Kick them. Stomp on ticks that are on the ground. That kind of thing.

I’m not against melee per se. I just find that the vast majority of the suggestions so far are for weapons that really are not suitable and make absolutely no sense in the context of fighting large homicidal armoured robots armed with machine guns, shotguns and rockets.


Okay so what kind of weapons would you suggest? I did say you could feel free to leave suggestions below.

I believe I already did suggest what I think would work in the context of the game.

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Oh yeah you did. My bad. :wink:

Do you think at least some of my ideas where original and different from what others may have suggested? Truth be told I’ve haven’t actually read anything in regards to the implementations of other people’s ideas for weapons so I guess it’s completely new, no?

Yes, they definitely were. And if we were talking about adding said melee weapons into a game like Far Cry where you’re using them against soft, organic targets, all would be downright awesome. In fact, I think hedge clippers would be all sorts of amazing and hilarious fun in that context. Against armoured robots though, not so much.

That said, one of your suggestions I totally agree with is the riot shield. The ability to have portable cover that could offer some protection from all but the largest and strongest machines would be pretty awesome. It could also be used to strike / push small robots like ticks and runners. It’s not necessarily a melee weapon per se, but would be a useful tool. That one gets thumbs up from me. :+1: