The great thread of guns

I’ve seen numerous threads pop up with people requesting guns. So I thought that rather than having a hundred threads with different requests, this could be a sort of universal thread.

So I’m going to start with the guns I think are most important to include. These will be what Sweden would’ve used at the time.

Pistol m/07

Originally entered service before WWI, but was retired during WWII. In the 80’s, many Pistol m/40’s began to crack due to new ammo being introduced. A quick fix was to take the m/07 out of storage.

As the pistol has a low ammo capacity, in-game it could be the most powerful semi-auto. Alternately it could replace the Möller PP as the starter gun.

Pistol m/40

Sweden chose the Walther P38 as it’s official side-arm shortly prior to WWII. However, due to the outbreak of war, Germany ceased deliveries after only a handful of guns had been delivered. Sweden turned to Finland for a replacement, which came to be known as the Pistol m/40.
A 9mm pistol with a greater magazine capacity than its predecessor, but developed cracks when Sweden introduced hotter ammo.

A few more weapons.

Sig Sauer P225/P226

When Generation Zero takes place, the Police were in full swing with replacing their Walther pistols (Möller PP) with the Sig Sauer P225. The higher capacity P226 was also adopted, initially intended to replace SMG’s (yes, they really thought a higher capacity pistol could fill the shoes of an SMG).

Revolver m/58

The standard issue revolver handed out to pilots. A longer barrel version was also handed out to some guard units.


Sweden’s standard bolt-action rifle which was used by home guard units, as well as some non-fighting units into the 90’s. Also existed in a dedicated sniper version.


Domestically developed and manufactured semi-auto rifle from WWII. Modernized in the 50’s, but relatively rare.

KSP 58

Sweden’s main LMG during the entirety of the cold war.


Carl Gustaf GF

Prototype domestic pistol from 1968. Never adopted, but would be really cool to have in-game.


Domestically developed assault rifle which competed in rifle trials leading to the introduction of the AK4. Never adopted.

Interdynamics rifles

Odd domestic rifles trialed in the 80’s. Used high-velocity, small caliber ammunition, theoretically offering good penetration power at low recoil.


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