For the FUTURE of our game

Hello! Im Ramon and i want to propose some of my ideeas for the future of the game and I think youre going to like them.

  1. That`s a no brainer, we ned NEW ROBOTS :). The bigger the better…
  2. Vehicles or planes just to make exploring the map a thing, because now everything you do is fast travel…
  3. Trading with NPC for new items or anything is agood ideea or doing Quests for prizes.
  4. Random event on the map with NPC or anything can make the game more dynamic.
  5. Twitch drops is a good thing to add more players to the community and on top of that you can get some items or rare items…
  6. Map expansion…(no need to explain) GZ world is beautiful.
  7. More structures to place in your base and more locations (The new base building is awesome so far <3 ).
  8. Steam workshop. You can add skins, maybe new robots etc…
  9. Keep adding DLCs even more weapon DLCs because it helps devs with more money i think and money keeps you motivated. =]]
  10. Placeable baricades, mini bases outside the new building area if possible.

If you are still here, Thank you! Share your ideas let the devs know. If any of the devs are seeing this please confirm that you`re going to add some of those things.

And sorry for my English XD. English is not my first language


You’re late for the party! We’ve been sharing our ideas here for over 2 years. :wink:


read the post again :upside_down_face:

I think he meant that we already talking about all that for two years on this forum. Well, not all of it, but definitely most topics were more than once discussed.


Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

As far as your ideas go, many of them have dedicated topics in the forums and it would be best if you discuss your ideas in there.

Here are the topics:

  1. New enemy types - Remade
  2. A case for vehicles
  3. NPC Evolution (Challenges, NPC Trust, New gameplay loop)
  4. Same as 3rd link.
  5. No dedicated topic for that.
  6. Ideas for new locations
  7. Home Base, Feature Requests
  8. Closed case - Setup official Generation Zero Steam Workshop
  9. New Weapon Ideas
  10. Same as 7th link.

If all that would be discussed here, it gets confusing, fast. :slightly_frowning_face: That being said, topic closed, to avoid the following confusion.