Will there be new weapons added in the future?

Hi devs! Was curious if there will be any new weapons added in the future? Maybe not in the upcoming update, but how about in future updates/weapon packs? I have some cool ideas for new weapons that i would like to share.

First weapon i had thought of is a craftable melee weapon, made using the blade from the Hunter robots. I always thought that their blades were cool, and a scaled down version like a retractable sword would be super cool.

Second weapon is a sniper rifle, and i feel it could be in between the hunting rifle and the PVG50. Since all the guns in GZ are based off of real guns, i was thinking maybe the french FR F2 sniper would be very fitting. It was a super cool gun to use in Resident Evil Village, and i thought it would fit nicely in 1980s Sweden.

Third weapon idea u have is either the Browning Hi Power or the Fabique Nationale Borwning pistol. Since there is only 3 pistols in the game, probably this new pistol could do less damage than the klauke, but have a higher fire rate.

Last weapon is another melee weapon, and it could be a emp type melee weapon, kindn of like a stun baton. So maybe it has a 15% chance of causing a robot to get the emp effect, that way it wont be too over powered.

Just thought that i’d share my ideas if you guys intend on adding any new weapons in any future updates. Keep working hard devs! :+1:t2:

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