Experimental .500 Magnus

.44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world? The Swedish military would like a word with you Clint.

The Experimental .500 Magnus is the older brother you never knew you had, and wish you never found out about; dealing greatly increased damage to machine components and looking damn good while doing it, the only thing this bad boy CAN’T do is hold more than 5 rounds. Oh yeah and it’s single action only, gonna have to cycle that brass yourself, buster.

But a nasty bullet wound isn’t the only thing the .500 will leave you with, you can also count on it being very precisely placed right between your eyes thanks to the Smart Trajectory™ system it comes equipped with.

When players peer down the optical unit mounted on top of the weapon, they’ll be greeted by the soft, squishy spots of any machine within the scope’s cone of vision being highlighted in green by the targeting computer, lining the crosshair up with said squishy spot and clicking the left shoulder pad will change the component’s highlighted color to red, signifying that it’s been locked onto.

Provided that the component stays visible within the scope’s FOV, the targeting computer will shift the rifling inside the revolver’s barrel to curve the bullet’s trajectory towards the highlighted component, increasing hit probability by nearly 75%! After firing, the user will have to pull their greasy face away from the scope to chamber the next round before they can shoot again.

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