New weapons idea

I know we just got another weapon pack but it’s still a good idea to think of more.

I was thinking of maybe a ww2 weapon pack which could add some older weapons like the sten, Thompson, mp 40, stg 44, lugar, colt 1911, kar 98, carbine, mg 42, bar, bren gun, bazooka, panzer faust and more. (sorry if I got some of them wrong)

Also maybe some different and unique weapons I was on discord talking to someone and they brought up the idea of a slingshot that shot grenades and a compound bow with emp and explosive tipped arrows.

And maybe some machine based weapons I made some ideas for them awhile back like the runner mg, runner shotgun (only would drop from runners) a hunter vidroblade (only drops from hunters) a harvester rocket launcher (only drops from harvesters) and maybe some more.

Also we probably need some more melee weapons because we only have 2 and a bigger variety is always better like maybe a fire axe and a pick axe and of course the hunter vidroblade that I talked about before.

That’s my idea on some new weapons that could be added.

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