Storage box size

Not sure if everyone else agrees or not, but the size of the storage box could be 2-3 times larger. There is not enough room to keep 1 of every gold weapon and all attachments along with enough ammo and then you have all the other stuff…


Yes, there is. I’ve done it.

In my Plundra, i have:

  • 14 original 5* weapons all equipped with 5* mods
  • 2 original KVMs with all attachments
  • all 7 experimental weapons with all attachments
  • few random 5* weapons with attachments as well (for trading)
  • plenty of first aid kits, a-shots and other stuff
  • plenty of ammo that i use

And i have plenty of space left over as well.

Screenshot too


If your that desperate for extra storage, just create a new character and travel to Alby Church. You can dump everything you want into the inventory as a secondary Plundra.

i only see 3 ammo types… anyhow i had 4 people test it. just needs to be 2-3 times bigger. i want my stash so i can roll any set up i want on the fly. maybe i want to collect 100 hedp for the day i spam that or 50 landmines etc. no point to not have more space when the safe house is so big.

also i had a couple others check, i do not think that is very possible to have every gun and every attachment and ammo room. every gun and every attachment is almost a full box by it self. i think about 160 right in there. add lures,mines,grenades,at least 1000 of every ammo.

having this weight limit just makes it so i have to waste time collecting it to change out what i want to do, hurts the point of drop in play with others.


I have all weapons with all attachments in the plundra, plus lots of ammo and medkits, so yes there is enough room.
I also have 2 other characters serving as extra storage each with 100 kg of extra ammo, medkits and some other items.
Now i think they should give a bit more of space, maybe more 100 kg, it could make the difference.

I already imagine that every plundra now will lead to the shadow realm of storage space. You open the box up and stare in to the void with no bottom, just so it can fit your 3 types of shotgun, 4 types of sniper rifle and 1000 propane tanks to fake the moon landing.


I agree with TS, the storage box and recycling station should have bigger size, maybe 1000 kg. After some time of play I have to clean up my inventory and storage box repeatedly. I don’t have any additional characters, but anyway this is stupid to have them just as storage boxes :slight_smile:


Any changes known with the upcoming dlc/update?


None as of jet. Though, update and DLC come in just 2 days (23rd).

I doubt the plundra box will get much bigger if at all, besides there are weapons I just don’t use any more but like a lot of people im kind of a collector. I just have 3 other characters I use as pack mules and dump my unused inventory there.


Anyone got confirmed numbers on storage capacity for crafting now?

Unfortunately it’s still on 200kg. This is a bit odd considering the character has got 96kg, Plundra should have between 300-500kg.


I’m talking about the crafting inventory

It is still the same;

Also, found a bug of it which i reported here: BUG: Incorrect capacity value for player in Recycling Station

This is not welcome news, appreciate the clarity though.

BTW after installing FNIX Raising DLC, we found some Aluminum? I don’t remember finding that before?

Three new resources were added to the base game with June’20 update;

On top of that, we’ve also expanded Apparel Crafting another 4 tiers so that you have more & better ways to customize your gear - take note, however, that there are now 3 new Crafting materials that you’ll need to gather (titanium, aluminium, tungsten).


Thanks, missed that one

Maybe I’m just a hoarder, but I wish they had expanded the crafting material storage to compensate for the addition of 3 new crafting materials.

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Just to add a different perspective I think each plundra box should be different so you have to travel around the islands to access all your storage. The idea of a TARDIS storage box that teleports everywhere is really, well… silly. This is an apocalyptic survival shooter. Players should have less storage and be forced to make tougher choices about what they can and can’t do. Right now the game feels like the Matrix where you can just grab guns… lots of guns…

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