Storage box size

Seems like so, yes.

Devs did say why they made the Plundra mirror itself in all safehouses. It is for quality of life since with 100 safehouses on the map, try to remember into which Plundra you put one specific item that you need if each Plundra would have it’s independent storage. So, to avoid that frustration, all Plundras share their storage.

The first part of your sentence is contradictory to what you just said. Right now, we have 200 unit storage in Plundra, regardless which safehouse you’re in. If each Plundra would have it’s independent storage, then we’d have: 100 safehouses times 200 unit per Plundra = 200000 unit storage in the game.

The second part of your sentence was true in the early days since back then, there was no Plundra what-so-ever and you only had what you could carry. Also, your carry capacity was half of what it currently is. (Those were the good old days.) Plundra came to be in August '19 update.

Yes, I’m aware of the game’s history. I didn’t contradict myself. If a player chooses not to fast travel, there’s no contradiction. Its like having actual stashes of equipment dumped at different locations which would be very realistic; in fact the most realistic you could have.

You might have access to tons of gear but it could be a several hour journey through dangerous countryside to get to it.

And yes, you might well forget where a certain item was stored, also realistic. A survivor would have to make hand-written notes on scraps of paper as to where they had stored certain things; perfect for atmosphere.

I think in the last 18 months the devs have chosen to take their creation down a line of game play and attracting a certain player type that doesn’t suit me. I am a member of the small minority who like a hard core game and while the apocalypse class of machines are hard to fight against, the more gritty realism has been lost. I used to enjoy playing back in about Summer-Autumn 2019 when you could actually use correct skirmishing military tactics against the machines, but that’s gone now which is a shame. The crafting part of the game I completely ignore. I am not interested in boots of jumping, a necktie of speed or underpants of fire resistance, or whatever they are. Those features to me are really daft and I am playing this game purely for the atmosphere, the weather and graphics and the ambience and the sneak and hide and run game that’s still possible. I’ll never get any special weapons because I almost never combat anything bigger than a runner because, to me, a survivor wouldn’t risk it.

I self-impose quite a few restrictions on my own gameplay to make the game harder and more immersive and its great to have a FPS game where you can at least have that choice. 80s Sweden is also a cool setting; unique.

There’s still a good chunk of the game I enjoy but I wish there were more for me to enjoy and less I ignore.


Plz add more space in the storage box, cauz we cannot add enought ammo in it to play at the guerilla difficulty , its annoying. And 96 max weight for the player is not enought to, am full all the time​:rage::rage:.


How much ammo do you need in your Plundra? 5000 rounds? 10.000 rounds?
Also, how much ammo you need to carry with you? 1000 rounds? 2000 rounds?

I also play in Guerilla difficulty but in solo mode and to me, both Plundra and carry capacity are more than enough + then some.

Here, i suggest that you improve your aim. This way, you’ll land more hits and doesn’t waste that much of an ammo.


Sir, this game is not about hoarding.
While, sure, many seem to think it is, it is not.

One should only carry what he needs: I had an A5 5C and .50 5C, I kept around 250 ammo for the A5, and 50 for the .50.
Now I run an A4 and .50, 200 for A4 and still 50 for the .50.
Note, it goes up by max 30 to 50 rounds, when I go for a larger group.

The A4 is scoped 4x8, silencer, clip, all 5C.
I engage from long distances, shot per shot, if I ran out of .50.
However, by then most big machines are down, and smaller machines can be picked off by the A4.

Tactile thinking will help you a LOT in game.
When I hear machines, I see how far they are, get out of detection range without getting detected, but still try to keep LoS, to snipe them off from distance.
Too bad, the .50 now has quite a big spread, but it still works.

This method takes time, sir, it’s not: “Brain to zero, guns blazing” AT ALL.
But it does miracles ammo and health packs wise. :slight_smile:

IF I get detected, and trust me, I often GET detected, I take off.
Once they stop following, I try to return to pick them off still.
One very good method is to run through heavy scaling terrain, it’s hard for them to follow you there.

If you are down on ammo… switch to “easy mode” and stock up there…

I hope this helps.


Sir, if I may ask, how much ammo do you have, how many weapons are you carrying, in short, how does your inventory/Plundra looks like?

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Kvm59 and pvg experimental, 1300 rounds 50.and 6000 rounds of kvm and a tons of first aid. In my inventory its to. Much?

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Drop to 1K rounds for 59’er and 300 MAX rounds for .50.

How much HP packs of what type?

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62 standard and 62 simple

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Drop ALL simple…
Try to get Advanced.

Got radios, other lure?
Got Field Radios, sir?

Only one on myself all the time

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Good, those weigh tonnes.

How about explosives?
This includes gas and other tanks, sir.

I dont have any explosive

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Try to think minimal…
It’s survival, basically, good sir… :wink:

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You will need to get used to this kind of thinking, but I strongly believe, this will help TONNES in the future…

Let me know how it goes, good sir.
I’m here, so… :slight_smile:

Also, try to implement the same logic to Plundra: minimal thinking.
That will get you plenty space for new gear.
When you get an Ex version, for example, of a weapon, try to drop the 5 (or lesser) version.
No use of keeping lesser versions of weapons around, sir, it only hugs space and weight.

OH, I forgot something VERY important!!!
Use your 59’er IN BURSTS!!!
This will improve your aim a lot as well, as you minimize recoil a lot.
I had a fella ingame with me, back when the game released the KVM’s, I told him the same, and it helped.

Later on, this same fella happened to stumble in my game, we got talking, and he told me, that idea was good, but he himself thought that 2-shot (DUKDUK DUKDUK DUKDUK) was even MORE reliable, aim wise.
He is not wrong, for sure.
But that comes to taste I think, I tried it for a bit, but it fels a wee strange to me, so I reverted back to 3-shot.
Experiment a bit in this regard, sir.
Who knows, you might for instance prefer 4-shot?
Or hell, 5 or even one shot?

De gustibus non est disputandum/taste cannot be discussed upon.
And this comes down to taste. :slight_smile:

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Discussion moved to proper topic.


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Thank you, miss, most kind of you.
Sadly I do not have the power to split/merge topics, so I kept responding there, trying to help our friend out a bit. :slight_smile:

Nods gratefully

There is a reason why you (any user in that matter) can report (flag) a reply. I suggest you do that if you see disorder in the forums.

KVM 59, while being a good weapon, is the biggest ammo consuming weapon in the game, especially when you have 5* mag mod for it that brings it’s magazine capacity to 250 rounds. And if you use it while holding it on your hip, rather than aiming down sights, a lot of bullets will miss due to it’s huge spread.
Here, i suggest you aim down sights when using KVM 59. This helps to preserve ammo, and a lot of it.

For .50 cal, 1300 rounds is way too much to carry with you. I carry 500 rounds of .50 cal ammo (AP) and even that is more than enough + then some.
Also, do note that .50 cal ammo weighs a lot. 40 rounds weigh 1 kg and 1300 rounds of it weighs in total of 32.5 kg. If you’d only have 500 rounds with you, it would weigh 12.5 kg, saving you 20 kg worth of carry capacity.

I’m not one of those who suggests to stop using simple first aid kits. Instead, i suggest that you also carry some advanced first aid kits as well.

10x simple first aid kits weigh the same as 5x standard first aid kits and they also heal the same amount. But with a difference that simple heals up to 25 HP and standard heals up to 50 HP.

  • Simple first aid kits are good to use when your remaining HP is around 70-80 HP, since it would be wasteful to use standard first aid kit at that point.
  • Standard first aid kit is best used when your remaining HP is 40-60.
  • Advanced first aid kit is best used when your remaining HP is around 20 HP or less AND you need to heal up fast (e.g when in combat) and don’t have time to use simple or standard first aid kits several times in a row.

My usual amount of first aid kits that i carry is: 40x simple, 20x standard, 15x advanced. The excess i find, i’ll store in my Plundra. I also pick up and use any Paramedic Response Packs since on Guerilla, first aid kits are in high demand.

That depends. If your hand is good enough to counter the recoil of full auto (mine is), then you can fire the entire 250 round mag at the machine while keeping your aim on it (i have). :wink:

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Well, not bad, really.
However, for burst mode one should take distance in account, miss.

As for me, I only use Standard and advanced kits, seeing a hit on “Gorilla Mode” is more deadly.
In “Gorilla mode”, I seem to notice the Small HP Packs just don’t cut it?
Could be me.

Some say the 89’er is better, more stable.
Agreed, it has less recoil, but also a lot of punch less.
When I fire to machines with it (when I use it, that is) I use it aimed with burst, since I engage over longer distances.
To me, this works best.
For real long distances I even go shot per shot while aimed.

I REALLY need a bloody 4x8 on it. :sa:

Either way, miss, nice post.

If you’re out of all others and on low health, seeing simple first aid kit from loot bag is a sight for sore eyes.

When you use all means necessary on Guerilla to beat the machines, why not use any means necessary to keep yourself alive as well? Unless you’re one of those who abuses the 100 HP spawn at the safehouse.

Use AG4 instead. I do. Also, 6* AG4 has incendiary bullets that deal additional and lasting damage.
On countless instances, i’ve seen machines blow up while still burning due to my incendiary rounds.