The Possibility of Motorcycles? and perhaps different bicycles?

Maybe its possible to add motorcycles to the game?
i know we already have the bicycles but more variety would be cool.
as someone already mentioned in the GZ discord server the game can already barely handle bicycles.
but motorcycles are kinda like bicycles but without the cycle animation and they are a bit faster, but louder.
i kinda see it as a pro and cons kinda thing. bicycles are slower but harder to spot, motorcycles are faster but easier to spot because they are loud. if we are going to see motorcycles in the game. why not the Husqvarna Model 258, Sweden had about 3.000 for their millitary
( The Husqvarna Model 258 Military – A Motorcycle With Built-In Skis ).

and since there are Russians in the game too, why not the Ural with the Sidecar so you can transport your companions while going to a mission (and perhaps add a machine gun to the front of the sidecar?)

as for bicycles. maybe some mountain bikes because the regular bicycles are horrible terrain wise in the mud

(and as for the speed for the motorcycle, why not make it like… 80KPh max?. or perhaps 60 or 70, and why not the possibility of a storage box on the motorcycle with the max weight of 60KG) and perhaps you can acess the inventory through the motorcycle workbench. which will fix some problems of players (and also me) that like to hoard stuff


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What you ask for, have been asked many times before, namely in this topic: A case for vehicles

And while it has been highly requested feature, i feel that you’d like to know why it hasn’t been added to the game as of yet.

That is explained by the devs themselves. And they gave us a good reason, in one of the dev streams, at 00:47:37, link: Twitch

For hoarding, we have another topic that discusses all that: Storage box size

My take on this (hoarding), comes from another topic:

Well, since what we have in-game are street bikes and not mountain bikes, it makes sense that these bikes are only good on the road and poor off-road.

Also, i wrote my other thought about bikes in another topic:

Overall, i think that GZ is best without any motorized vehicles. While motorized vehicles are “cool”, they also change the gameplay a lot, up to the point where your motorized vehicle becomes your life, e.g: like Mad Max, Rage 2, Dying Light, State of Decay 2, Cyberpunk 2077 among many.


I agree with you, the storage is too much, but, I think it is better to have an additional storage space, due to the experimental and DLC weapons that are not easy to get, and sometimes they only serve as trophies.
As for the recycling and creation station, they would have been more useful during the first or second year of the game, due to the great shortage of resources such as medicine cabinets or flares, (despite the fact that a tank makes me spend them all), that for “Rambo” or “Berserkers” (whatever you want to call it) , like me they, are very useful.

Actually, you don’t need any additional storage space, even if you plan to collect every 5* and 6* weapon. I ran the numbers in another topic but to quote it here:

While USSR weapons are coming soon, they doesn’t change the values in any significant way. Since only 3 new weapons are added, the storage space to house the weapons increases by 6 units (2 per weapon).

As far as attachments on them go, that i don’t know since their full specs haven’t been released but attachments individually take up little space and at most, they add 2 units of weight, if even that much. Once the USSR weapons are released, i can run the numbers again and add them to the list.

Of course, but what I was saying is that, it is not necessary to eliminate it, I would not like to run out of ammunition in the middle of a fight, without emergency elements, especially with the variety of enemies out there now.

While i’m content as it is (been used to with far less), i, for sure don’t want any expansion of it. The current amount of storage space is more than enough and for those, who it isn’t enough, only unlimited is enough.

OP presented the motorcycle storage. While it’s neat idea and would make sense to have some little storage on your motorcycle, e.g 20 units worth of stuff, just adding that additional storage, IMO, isn’t justified. However, if we would reduce player inventory storage, from 96 units down to e.g 50, then it would balance things out.

That is better for another topic than this one but to touch it lightly: Additional storage doesn’t fix the issue of running out ammo/gear. What does fix it, is improving your aim, using semi-auto fire instead of full-auto fire, looting to keep your supply topped off and not tanking every shot machines fire at you (to lessen first aid kits usage). Also, ammo is so plentiful in the game that it’s next to impossible to run out of it. Especially since now, we can craft any ammo we desire.

I filled the whole thing in at least a 2 weeks. Is that normal?
Maybe a month

The time spent to fill something, is not a reasonable measurement to measure how big of a capacity it should have. Since i can fill all of it in a 1 day, if need be. Or when i play smart, it never gets full.