Will there be any updates to the Storage box?

Hi devs, i made a post on the GZ subreddit discussing with other players what they wish to see in the future of the game. One that i would like to bring up is with regards to the Plundra storage box, a couple of other players including my self feel that that the Plundra box capacity is too small at only 200. It would be nice to see if the box could have a larger capacity and if possible made unlimited, as GZ being a survival game, gathering and stockpiling supplies seems to be a very important aspect and now with the new ammo crafting, space is now a more important aspect.

I know there are other players who enjoy a more hardcore survival style of gameplay, and thus they will not agree with me on this topic, which is why there were others on th subreddit wishing for a hardcore mode that makes the game more focused on survival. What i can propose is that for a more casual difficulty the Plundra box has an unlimited space, and for players who want more of a challenge, in hardcore mode the Plundra box only has a limited space.

I do hope that you can take this into consideration, as i feel that this wont be a very difficult change. Perhaps you could add the ability to toggle on or off unlimited space for the Plundra. But of course you guys are incharge and us as the player base can only make requests.

Thank you, Devs for reading my request on behalf of some of the player base of GZ and hope you will take this into consideration as i feel that this can satistfy many players, those who prefer a more restricted storage box and those who want a less restriceted and more casual play through :grin::+1:t2:. Great work making GZ an awsome game, keep it up!

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