Storage suggestions

This has probably come up a lot.

But me and my pals and probably several others find the storage limits just a hassle. True, i myself just recently began to hit the limits, and i haven’t had the game that long, only since october, but the storage limits just seem pointless.

Sure, a max carry weight is needed for the character, i support that. It’s “boring and annoying” but required for that scavenge and survive kind of feel in the game. So there it is perfect.
But come on.
Some of the safe houses are literally a storage stockpile for the military, with several jet planes and tanks and trucks.
Why am i limited to 200 in the storage box and 250 resources? It just feels hammed in there because… because the character has a limit? So the box should to?

No idea, but my suggestions are.

  • Remove the limit on the storage of materials and the items storage.

  • Add storage safe houses. Like if i take over like a massive bunker, designed for storage. There could be a storage container where one could put things from the regular box. This storage container would have infinite or like 100k+ capacity and be accessible from the regular box.
    That way, i’d need to be at certain locations to access my storage, if one wants one could even have the storage points as non teleportable, but that’s a bit hardcore/annoying.

  • Lower the characters carry limit… i can’t believe i’m saying this. But, Yes, i’m saying it. I’d ofcourse like LOADS of carry weight, but truth be told that being able to run and jump carrying like 4 Meussers, 1 .50, a rocket launcher and loads of medpacks and stuff feels a bit derpy.
    So to offset the now infinite storage, the character could be able to carry less, or even better, have another level of over encumbrance.

The idea.
Let’s say that now one can carry 100. (Don’t recall, don’t matter)
At 101-150, you are encumbered. One can’t run. At 150+, no moving.
We know this one.

One can carry 85, 86-120 one cannot run, 121-160 one cannot jump. 161+ no moving.
This way, it’s more important to figure out your “Battle loadout” and it feels more like a decision to go on a looting run.

True, i’d love to just have no encumbrance limit, or just raised inventory in general. But the feeling must still be there so i’d say keep the character inventory as is OR lower it slightly.

Another cool thing would be to have a ‘not at all Volvo 240’ with mobile storage.
But that might be a bit much. Or an entire topic of its own.

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