Increasing stash box size

As more items have been added and with the reaper addition, storing ammo in preparation for the fight is becoming more difficult.

Can we add a separate ammo box or some in game content purchase we can make to up the ammo storage capacity? It is a common thing to have to drop ammo or attempt to recycle some as there is no space available.

Weapons and attachments do not currently take that much weight.

I am thinking longer term there will be another boss raid type deal in addition to the reaper and if that is the case we really need larger storage capacities.

The alternate option is to try adding some option if one is wearing all the exosuit options to up the carry capacity if certain conditions are met. Some have speculated that this might be in the works for a future update.

Increasing the size because of demand is not a good idea, it has to be earned or built upon as it gives some purpose to grinding and the ability to increase what you can hold/carry. There is nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of having earned the ability to store more stuff and junk.


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