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Using the walls as an example how about been able to upgrade them to a higher level to give them more health and defence. Level 1 walls been made of wood so they will need only wood to get fixed but level 2 walls might be made of wood with steel plateing so need wood and steel to fix.
It would mean that structures aren’t completely destroyed but reduced to ruble instead needing to be fixed to be of any use.
Bit of a side note it would be nice if in the build menu if it showed how many of a structure you have build out of how many you can build.

I think flare dispensers would be a nice touch with timed launches, on a shoot for night fights !

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@broken_insect289, if you did read Francesco’s request properly, Feedback Request - Cosmetic structures for base building topic is only for items/structures that have no new gameplay features.


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Hi team,

First of all - I love this game, i’m about 600 hours in - your awesome.

I just had some thoughts on base building and I know you will refine it as we go.

I’ve completed it on hard mode in Guerilla and i’m still finding it too easy.

The hunters do their jobs well and get into my base and close to my van, although they don’t seem to actually damage it… The Tanks on the other hand do nothing, I had one attacking one side of my base for a few minutes before I could get to it and I didn’t have any of my base damaged when I got there. I feel it should have been half destroyed.

I also feel being able to build while you are getting assaulted ‘breaks the forth wall’ a bit and decreases the challenge. Is there any way base building while in combat can be disabled? (maybe it’s in the option or maybe only for Guerrilla players.

Also I get the same amount of Uranium from doing a hard wave as to an easy one. Could the player receive more the harder the mode?

Many thanks for all your hard work, looking forward as always to your work on this game.


Playing on PS4

Base building feature request topics merged.


I also found the Hard mode on Guerilla relatively easy. No breaches to my walls what-so-ever.

More difficult Hard mode has been asked as well, especially since for a 4 player base, there is no challenge what-so-ever.

That could be Option you can toggle within game settings since i find the base repair/build quite useful between the waves. Else-ways, there wouldn’t be nothing to do during the 90 seconds cool-down (there still isn’t much to do, if you keep your base well defended).

For me;
Easy - 2 uranium
Medium - 3 uranium
Hard - 3 uranium

This has been forwarded to devs and in future update, we might see a change.

I wouldn’t mind a reduction in the footprint of some items, like, the truck. You can’t place anything near it. And, the Bike Stand footprint is huge.

I’d like to see some other ‘decoration’ assets:
Sleeping bags or pup tents
A picnic table or something to suggest where people eat
Tarp awnings to protect stations, etc. from weather
A patch of grave markers for fallen comrades
Small campfires for warming, cooking and lighting
Hanging lanterns that could be attached to structures
And, more pillboxes :wink:

i whould like to see military furniture like weapons locker, military style beds, military signs and more

I’d like the base to fill a function outside of the base defense mission. Perhaps players can unlock artillery which players can use to attack enemies within a certain radius. Perhaps an additional skill is required.

Also better defensive weapons and generally more iconic Swedish vehicles. Maybe an ikv91 with a broken gearabox can be a static defense.

An even bigger version could be to take the turret from a ship and mount it onto a concrete pillbox, as was done on the northern Kalix defense line:

Another option could be for there to be a bunker underneath the base. The static truck might be replaced with a seemingly normal house which serves no other purpose than to hide an entrance to a bunker.

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I’ve already posted this in the item storage page, but I’d like there to be an ability to build a gun wall.

It would enable players to show off their arsenal to their friends, but primarily it would serve the purpose of being additional storage. Perhaps for the sake of simplicity, this item shouldn’t be truly destructable, but the guns stored within are locked until you repair the wall.

Then we’ll keep the post here instead. No need for duplicate posts.

  1. More randomized waves.
    It already bit felt repetitive with exact same spawn sequence and I haven’t see any Harverster in wave.

  2. Flooring.
    It’s a base, why we still had to stand on wet mud?

  3. Lock for gate.
    Let us to lock the gate to prevent it from opening it’s own, I cannot make a proper compact base without risking the chance having enemy robot slip past to it.
    Or add smaller gate that had to be open/close manually like door.

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I have a few suggestions after returning to play the new expansions.

The first is to address some inventory management. Alleviate storage pressures by creating a material funnel to feed the resistance.

I see that the team is planning to expand storage to 500. I’m all for that but I think it’ll fill up to 500 very quickly. I found myself recycling bullets to make room. Seems counter intuitive. Maybe a reputation system could be implemented with our resistance NPC’s where donating bullets, various guns, and anything else useful to help alleviate the pressure to hoard. This could in turn be used to generate resistance events whereby NPC’s equipped with these guns, ammo, etc - passively cause damage to some of the bots we see in the wild. If we donate enough, maybe we’ll see a tank or harvester show up with some damage already done to it.

Local events, randomize misc rescue missions, patrols, FNIX bases to be destroyed, eliminating prototype spawns at some point, (make the early stage area’s harder and caught up with max FNIX), more reinforcements etc.

The last few suggestions I have are to increase the intensity of the game a bit. Tanks should be calling in swarms of dogs to flank us while we window camp. The dogs should be trying to get into the houses, through the doors (even the red ones) and all of them should be shooting more. The difficulty scaling to make enemies have more health is a mistake, they should just look less and shoot more. Their current accuracy is fine, I have no problem with that - but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve killed a bot that has a gun it doesn’t use. Giving it more health to make it a sink is the wrong solution. They should just be more readily shooting their guns. On that note, I think there should be two difficulty sliders - one that buffs the stats - and the other that increases AI behaviors to be faster at deciding what to do. I find it highly problematic that the bots still do not try to get into the house, search the house through the inside, etc. Tanks and harvesters should deploy not just ticks, but flying drones and dogs that call in even more reinforcements. I want to die in this game and not because the bots have too much health.

I wish we could see added is some better flying AI. There should be two of them added, a midsize helicopter bot filling the apache helicopter role, deadly but not maybe too hard to bring down and a large gunship style bot filling the chinook/osprey role.

There is a level of intimidation and scariness that can be achieved with flying death bots that you can’t really hit on with the walkers.

I imagine the gunship to be capable of deploying harvesters and tanks while maybe providing some cover. I imagine it could drop a shipping container full of dogs like the ones we see in the bases. Maybe FNIX has its own container design going beyond the human made cycle.

I have other idea’s of course. I won’t get started on the randomly generated hive dungeon raids that load screen upon entering here.