Feedback Request - Cosmetic structures for base building

Hi guys! I am posting here again as I would like to ask you folks for your ideas about new structures and items for your base building experience.

More specifically, my question is:

IF we were to release a base-building DLC, which COSMETIC items would you like to see in it?

By cosmetic I mean items/structures that have no new gameplay features (i.e. a lamp post) or the same gameplay functionality as an existing structure (i.e. a protective wall, but made of different materials)

Thanks in advance for your replies! :v:


I was thinking about something concrete… literally - concrete :wink: Steel reinforced. Cement mixer to go along with that + sand, gravel, cement and water to make it all work.

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I want to preface this by saying, I would love for new items to be added, but I think they should be added for free. I have no problem paying for new weapons on top of the already pretty wide array of weapons, but the base building for me just doesn’t have enough components right now to warrant a paid DLC for more. I think paid DLC should add on top of something that is already complete, it shouldn’t complete something. If that’s what you meant, then ignore this please:)
Here are my suggestions:

  • Sheet metal wall. (more HP than wood)
  • Reinforced Hunter Tower
  • Fences
  • Floodlights, like the FNIX structure ones bit in white
  • Gun Racks to display our weapons collection

Here are my ideas:

  1. Gun racks
  2. Low covers such as sandbags
  3. Scaffoldings for the walls and stairs so that you can walk around the perimeter of the base
  4. Decorations such as tents and sleeping bags and campfires that make the base more “alive”
  5. A wider and possibly directional lighting source, such as a spotlight
  6. As already suggested, protective structures in concrete and / or metal

Personally I’m a big fan of things like this being paid DLC provided we maybe still get some nice free things thrown our way as well :slight_smile:

For cosmetic things tho, maybe a tv on a table, new lanterns hung off things n stuff, maybe the flood lights near the outlook right by our base? :smiley: New targets and banners, a radio that can be turned on and off to play a certain theme :wink: (Generation Zero Theme Song On Radio - YouTube)
Tents would be awesome, with interior spaces we can go into, maybe have the interior space remain buildable in so we could place plundra etc. though i’d kinda prefer to see an idea like this one free myself.
It’s gunna be a ton of fun to watch base building expand through the years :grin:

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I second Carnis suggestion. However considering the home base current state, I do think it should be free. Because adding a “free feature” to then make future improvements paid despite them not having a significant gameplay function wouldn’t send a good message to the players. In the future when base building is seen in a more fleshed out or complete sate, i’d be down for paid home base cosmetics. Because then it would be more easily seen as a choice then paid fixes.


1: Half-stops between the NSEW facing of current base items.

2: Flood lights like those at the first resistance base you help rebuild in the Farmlands region.

3: Toughened, sandbag positions like the one outside Boo church

4: An outhouse, for no reason other than immersion. Gotta use the crapper some time.

5: To echo above suggestions: steel-reinforced walls. Make 'em cost more in the steel, too, since it’s everywhere. But also make them tough.

6: “Czech hedgehog” style tank traps - heavy use of steel crafting mats.

7: Tables and chairs

8: Awnings or those porch marquees

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Protective walls

FNIX base modules
Which cost some Aluminum and a lot of Titanium to build and repair. Each module has e.g 10x times more HP than current high reinforced wall but since it being made of rare materials, it balances it out.

Soviet modules
Which cost some Steel and a lot of Aluminum to build and repair. Each module can have e.g 5x times more HP than Resistance modules.

Resistance modules

Defensive structures


Maybe some roof structures so we can make living quarters. Fireplace, Beds. Chests.


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Protective walls



I’d like a some sort of big stereo to play tunes across my base. Could either be a simple pole with some speakers up top and a boom box at the bottom, or a custom Volvo Duett. Perhaps tricked out in resistance colors.

I’d also want to be able to make my base look less cobbled together and more thought out. Maybe it’ll be made out of bricks? Or concrete?

And if it’s to be a proper base, there should be a place to sleep and eat. Maybe tents or camper trailers? Or just beds to lay on the floor?

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So I was looking back through some mission logs and I looked at the mission Lone Wolf. I thought it was quite cool how the first mission item is a runner head and that got me thinking about perhaps taking trophies to place in our base. For example taking a hunter sword and placing it in your base on a wall (I mean I would rather use it like the iron church but this is cool too). I think it would just be a really cool braghing rights mechanic and you have a chance of getting a trophy after every machine kill. It could even possibly be an extra collectible too. Thoughts? ( Sorry mods if this already exists but I searched trophies and all that came up was PS4 achievement stuff :upside_down_face:)

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It feels weird to have those achievements displayed in the player base. Since there are 72 of them and most of them have the same icon in Steam. Making distinction of them, in-game, difficult.

When expanding your idea, there could be whole base theme designs. For example:

  1. Base modules (walls, watchtowers, corner posts etc) are all in rusted orange metal theme. And you can get prototype machine parts from machines, as deco items. E.g proto hunter head, proto runner (half-)body etc.
    All together would be prototype themed base, in it’s distinct coloring.

  2. Base modules are in camo green theme (e.g Soviet base modules), with flora covering some or most of the base modules to complete the look. And machine parts that fit into that theme are military class machine parts. These could be the same parts as you get with prototype theme (hunter head, runner body etc).
    This would make everything into green military theme, with flora covering the base. :herb:

  3. I already suggested the futuristic looking FNIX base modules. To complete the look, players could obtain and place FNIX class machine parts within it.

Of course, there is Apo class as well. But how that base should look like, to complete the theme, hard to say. My 1st thought would be radioactive dump :radioactive:, with green ooze everywhere. :microbe: But that damages player when near it (which i don’t mind and completes the theme). Then again, having 3 themes out of 4 is pretty good and some of it (apo class) could be left unobtainable as well. :slight_smile:


Hi Francesco,
I know the topic here is base building, but I think development effort should be emphasize on gameplay mechanic than cosmetic base building, in the long run it’s these mechanics (shooting, stealth, weapons attachments, detection, atmosphere) that make this game truly amazing and it’s my opinion that polishing certain of those aspects will pay for a more rich experience in Generation Zero.

Best regards.


Whether new base defence modules are required or even wanted would kinda depend on why? Why have a base?
Currently it is a breakable thing and not really something to call a home. I think some players look at a base building feature as somewhere to show off their stuff, SIMS style. Personally I just see the base as a lean-to, ramshackle fort erected to hold off robots so the comms equipment can be used.
Ok, I could see survivors dragging the Soviet temporary defence modules up the mountain to reinforce the base but casting walls in concrete would simply not make sense with what is available and neither would building FNIX structures.
Frankly I think you have better things to attend to in the game to make it more playable and enjoyable. Player models and animations for example. Get some motion tracking done to make movement seem at least a little bit realistic. And there can be no excuse for Benny in 2019 or later. Please pay some attention to human model and textures details so it matches the absolutely fabulous environment. Sort the mission log, sort storage, expand storage (through crafting perhaps) and last but not least, move the story forward. I presume you don’t have those extra Islands in place for nothing. :wink:

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As is right now, the base feels tacked on. The devs should either think really hard on how to better integrate it into the game or consider just taking it back out and removing all the crafting materials that take up storage space and are exclusively used for base building.