Quiet Forum Pzazz-less

Hence the word “counterproductive”. Privately held companies usually pay attention to that :blush:. If I, as a newcomer, had my first thread locked being pointed to an 18 month old thread where half of the posters probably ain’t active on the forum anymore, I would feel … well … less that welcome. But that is just me :blush:


For that, there is a clause in CoC as well:

Interpretation of our Code of Conduct is at the discretion of the staff.

Resulting in a different form of moderation between different moderators. E.g one mod can merge the duplicate topic with another one; while other mod can remove (delete) the duplicate topic entirely (as stated in CoC). It all comes down the interpretation.

Of course, every new member in the forums should read the CoC and decide if they are willing or not to accept it.
Ignorantia juris non excusat” ← from Latin. :slight_smile:

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I disagree, the players can stop using the forum or lose enough of them and then the owners would need to reconsider their COC…Note the topic of this thread.


You are pulling my leg, @Aesyle :joy: Lovely, you got me there :+1:



Hello everyone, I have cleaned up this thread. I am happy to see forum members conversing, let’s be sure to keep things civil and productive though. Thanks!

Removed all unnecessary comments not pertaining to the topic


Here, we could discuss what is the thing(s) that bring more people to the forums and keeps people posting their ideas and discussing game content.

Is it the Forum CoC? I don’t think so. It has been in place since the forums went live more than 2 years ago.
But what then?

Gysbert said one of the most likely causes:

And i agree. It’s the game itself. When new content comes, there is always an influx in the forums, with people coming back, discussing new content and also reporting new bugs found in the game. New content also gives players more ideas to ask from the game, e.g like this topic was made after the base building came: Feedback Request - Cosmetic structures for base building

So, what do we need in the forums?

  • More, new topics?
    Well, for that, we’d need more new game content to discuss.

  • More, new people?
    For that - marketing. Devs would need to market the game to more people and also share their platforms where people can discuss the game. Forum is already getting quite a bit of marketing since it’s the only place where proper bug reporting can take place and people are guided from other platforms (e.g Discord, Steam discussions) to the forums.

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I feel that if the forum, set up for players to share ideas, thoughts and experiences, does not allow players to do that then it will get a flow of new members and lose a lot of them. If it is treated like a strict office environment with “dress codes” then it will not retain members. Players are not at work, most the time, so if the game forum is strictly business they go else where for their fun.

But this forum could have a more “fun” section for OPEN discussions, where it is allowed more flow. Kind of like this thread started to. Then sections like the feedback/bug report be more formal with stricter guidelines.


And I agree with you and @Gysbert (lovely, isn’t it :blush:). But shouldn’t there also be some influx of new players? Obviously, I don’t know how many new users that sign up to the forum these days, but perhaps they should be allowed to have the same fun discussions as we veterans had “back then”. Therefore, go easy on duplicated threads from New posters


This is the answer to your question. It is the interpretation of CoC and how it is used to control the forum.

Even though there is a popup that you can review old topics, which I picked one that was a few months old and was questioned as to why I used instead of starting a new old and I was expecting different responses that had to do with my topic/old topic. I was hoping I would get an answer.
I did not feel welcome for trying to add something and I had to think the next time I posted.

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This only works if new players feel that their thoughts are welcome in THIS forum…speaking from personal experience, they are not.

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What you’re agreeing with me? My heart just skipped a beat. :wink: Well I am agreeing with your input so far. Not pulling your leg or other limb, you actually took the words out of my mouth.

:sunny: Maybe the mods could give it a trial period, see how this is working out with modding. It is obvious to see when the right topic is started it sparks great interest to participate. Especially if no specific knowledge is needed to pitch in. People love to talk.


I am perfect for that!! :grin:

Not only do people like to talk they like to share their thoughts too.


Me too! I agree with a lot of what is being stated! It’s like you guys are reading my mind! It’s freaking me out!

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But in reality you were most welcome by the members, me, because you are pleasant to talk too. Don’t go doubting yourself. Forum policies are always a bit impersonal, but sometimes strict rules keep things from getting out of hand. So that, we musn’t forget.


Yes… I was welcome by other members and I love the comments on things all the time. At first I thought I knew a lot about the game but you guys blow me away with all the facts and details you guys/gals post all the time about Gen Zero. It is one of the reasons I keep coming back.

I also understand that things can get out of hand if policy is not followed. And today I was informed of the ability to flag comments instead of adding to them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, so I am always learning about things in here.

Edit: I think the way the Mod did a little cleaning on this thread was almost perfect way to restore decorum of the forum. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to the Mod!

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How strict or loose the forum is, is actually individual. For some, the forums may be too strict and they prefer more loose attitude, while for others, the attitude is too loose and stricter management is needed.

For that, we have Off-Topic subforum. And Regulars also have their very own corner where to “loosen up”. :slight_smile:

Well, “back then”, i take it during GZ launch? If so, there wasn’t many topics within the forums and everyone could’ve started a new topic, discussing new stuff. Nowadays, there are loads of topics in the forums, covering almost all what there is in the game. Though, General Discussion topics usually remain as they are posted. It’s the feature request and bug report topics that get merged to the same one.

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Not necessarily related to the topic as it is, but I’ve always felt the devs should chime in more. To be honest, I have no clue how many people play the game, how many of those that do are in this forum, or how many devs are around, but I feel this is a community that cares. Whenever someone asked for support or advice, someone was ready to assist and chatter.

As far as I am concerned: Back when I was active reporting bugs, I’d have loved to receive some feedback. I get that staff have other things to do, but: a word of advice, an affirmation that issues have been seen, acknowledged and put on a to-do-list would do wonders. And seeing that most of the reported issues from back then remain unsolved, even when terrain issues happen where active work takes place, is discouraging to say the least.

I think the forum got quieter because of the shift in the game. I presume the engagement came from the game being obscure and cryptic, and now that it got more mainstream appeal, players inevitably lost the need to seek out others. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it thins out the forums for sure.


You got a point here. When people dislike the changes in the evolution of the game these players obviously won’t be enthusiastic about the game anymore. I always like to compare the game evolution to real life, and say to myself that we never know what will happen, and that we have little control over the future. Same with the game, the directions it takes might not be the one we expect or like, but we can still make the most of it. For me none of the changes deterred me from the game, the opposite in fact. And I guess the forum loses activity from people for whom the changes are unacceptable.

Also, the need for asking questions is less, because most answers are easy to find everywhere. Via Fandom, guides, and searching the forums.

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That’s why I posted this, in the offtopic forum. And although the Regular corner is nice, not everybody can see what you have to say. It’s kind of the same as having a private discussion, not everybody can join in. Snipergirl expressed exactly what I mean.

Although private discussions can help in some disagreement, or be used as a base to work together on a common goal (e.g. Complete Apparel List), or act just as place where like minded people have a bit of fun, I believe that for a forum to thrive, topics need to be public so everybody can share their thoughts.

For me, the game has brought me to the forum, and the forum made me more involved in the game. Without the forum, I might not have had the same experience. … No, not might, I know my experience was greatly improved, by all the knowledge and interaction with other members of the resistance. :sunglasses:


I agree with what you are saying but this part in not 100% correct. You may be able to find answers to the more common, well known questions else where but not as accurate, detailed and clearer than in this forum from the long time regulars. The forum members add into the answers so that questions that a new player doesn’t even know to ask yet. And Developers post more often here than anywhere. Example is when I asked about a complete list of apparel. And there is no more detailed, with pictures, list anywhere than here. To me that was entertaining enough just to watch it come together.

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