Plans for base building?

Sorry, i didn’t mean to sound rude. It’s just that it creates a lot of work for me. :slight_smile:

Are talking about mounting weapons, like one would in a cabin? Like, on pegs or something? Cause if done right, that would actually be kind of cool.

Imagine, a reaper busts through your outer wall, and you grab your trusty .50 cal right off the wall. This might be a preference thing, but in my opinion, that would be sick.

That discussion is about “trophy shelf”, so that you can view the different collections you’ve collected thus far. Many games have such trophy rooms or trophy shelves and it’s a neat touch to a game. :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as weapons on the wall go, there is some eyecandy to them. Though, as seen from the trailer, machines can actually destroy your base structures. And if that wall happens to be destroyed where your weapon was, what happens to the weapon? Does it get destroyed alongside with wall? :thinking: Since it should.

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Yeah, thats a good pint. But, just a thought, wouldn’t the trophy shelf also get destroyed? Not that you would lose the trophy’s, but the shelf would not nessisarily survive.

You may have several bases (impression i got from the trailer), where trophy shelf would be unique asset and either it’s fixed in one of the underground areas, where machines can’t get access to (e.g like Iron Church); or you can build one base underground, to keep it safe.

Ah, that sounds like a reasonable solution.

From the trailer, I’m thinking there are at least 3 or 4 different locations on which to build a base. There could be more, however. So there is a good chance that it would be a simple task to do what your suggesting.

So…the bases can be destroyed. So does that mean that after the April 27 update, safe houses can also sustain heavy damage as well?

Just a thought - but I’d like to see the Bjorntunet hotel fortified so I can fight from the hotel rooms

I do agree with you.
At the moment it´s possible to have all weapons, but the storage gets almost full with the weapons and ammo types.
With base building coming soon, it is necessary to have more space, either on the Plundra or with the addition of a new storage that serves to gather and maintain all the necessary building materials.
Let´s hope they thought about that, otherwise many people are going to get over encumbered a lot more often.

They update isn’t out yet but you’re asking for more space, because of why? :thinking:

For all we know, “base building” could be same, as it is in the “Ghost of the Past” (Alpine Unrest DLC) and “The Ringfort” (FNIX Rising DLC) missions.

Also, it could very well be, that we may get 3rd storage “spot”, where to store only base building materials, separate from Plundra and Recycling Station. Since you can’t build a base without wood and for now, wood isn’t one of the crafting resources.

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Preemptive reminder and suggestion.
The update is not out but people talk a lot about various issues and subjects.
This is a forum right?
So there is no problem to express concerns and opinions.
Now, about those items from the missions…they have weight, i can still find them in some areas because of a bug.


But what if they made a wave system for big safehouses? like ringfortet and björntunet so that you chuold defend your base, and yes the machines whould just use explosives to destroy you. and the waves whould not happen very often so you could too use your idea

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I do accept that this is reasonable.

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