Tips and Tricks for base building

So since many of us have tested out the new base building feature and defended it I thought, Hey what if we share our experiences with everyone else

This topic is for sharing your base layout, where you placed walls, why you placed walls there and what walls.
Where did you place defenses and why there?

So I’ll start with:

How to defend your MG Pillboxes

Flat terrain

  1. Place two low wood walls on each side of the pillbox facing the pillbox itself, this will protect the flanks from gunfire.
    Do note that explosives do damage in an area of effect, so the blast can damage things behind walls.

  2. Place two more low wood walls in front of the other wood walls facing backwards. (as seen in the picture) This according to my experience will help the pillbox get as much protectection from the front while not restricting it’s firing angle.

Uneven terrain
  • This is constructed similarly to if you build it on flat terrain. but this time we have to take it’s roof into consideration.

  • If the roof of the pillbox is visible from a nearby position as seen here you might wanna consider changing some of the low wood walls with High Reinforced walls

Where should your MG Pillboxes be
This is something I’m continually experimenting with but I think I’ve got some understanding of it.

Where not to place them

Do not place them in front of or inside your main base wall. This will only lead to unnecessary damage to you base wall.

And you would have to place extra walls behind it unless this happens

Now for where to actually place them.
Trough testing, mostly trial and error minus the error so just trial and… trial, I’ve realised that you should place your MG Pillboxes at the edges of the buildable area, where they have the most optimal visual range and out of the way of the main structure / center

can be placed next to the large rock so it will be protected from one side by indestructible cover It also has a great view and the high ground so it can quickly open fire on machines from the North-east It also has some visual to the north.

SE position

This position has a good view of machines that approach from the north and west but keep in mind the possible flanks, especially from behind

SW position

The rear flank can be blocked of which also has the benefit of redirecting most of the machines from the south-west to attack the west side instead of south.

I would also recommend that you place your pillboxes in a way that they have crossfire so that several pillboxes can shoot at the same target.

Examples - crossfire

Here are a couple of images to see how my pillboxes have been placed and finally a very simple Illustration of my base that I made with MS Paint.

Something that is also worth considering is where the machines attack from / where the strongest machines attack.
I have seen the heaviest damage being dealt at the west side so keep that in mind when placing defenses and walls