Base Building discussion

Following the recent streaming of Pontius we have some clues what will be the base-building and how to do it and what needed.

To place/use the elements we need resources like wood we have to collect. The amount needed seems very low, that’s good.

You can select the difficulty for a wave attack (low normal high) of the mobs on your base.

The elements placed on the grid are destructible but can be repaired or dismantled also using resources.

Here are some screenshots i could make from Pontius his explanation.

The base location

The building raster

Wall elements

Defence elements

Repair/dismantle elements

Selecting difficulty wave attack


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What about the materials, will they have a storage just for them?
Or they will use the same recycling station?
Any info on that?

So we have had a couple days to try out the base building and wave defense. I quite like it so far, gives us something to do with cool and new rewards. The one thing I hope for is some new buildings types, and/or new pieces in already made types. We have a couple walls to work with, some defenses, a tower. There are already plenty of resistance and soviet buildings and fortifications that could be used. I will provide screenshots and more detail below.

First off, some higher end tier base stuff would be cool. Like heavy sheet metal walls, even titanium ones. There are several soviet ones that can be remade by the resistance, ot straight up stolen.

We have a simple wall here. We can also have a lightly raised version.

We then have a small tower.

We have a sandbag formation here.

Finally we have this tent. I think something “inside” can be cool. Possibly be able to fit crafting stations and ammo storages in there.

Now we have a collection of resistance fortifications that could be used. These are more plausible since the resistance clearly know how to build them

This raised sandbag formation here is what I like the most. More raised position other than the small tower we have would be nice. We could possibly make this a s defense item with a small pillbox built into the bottom.

We also have these barrels here. These could be a cheap metal option.

Thanks for reading my post. The building here has a good foundation that could be made more fun and interesting with more build items and types. We have some really cool ones in game already that I fell could have some use.


If you like to have them in the game, then you should post them in the appropriate topic, link: Home Base, Feature Requests
This here is base building discussion topic. :slight_smile:

Aesyle, I saw how you built a very large enclosement for your base. When I first started I found the building items have a limited number of employment, even if I had more then enough building resources. For the lights for instance, and also for the walls with the tree trunks on them, that number is fairly low. How did you know that you had enough walls to get an enclosement that big?

I guess, that was in-side information. The merits of Community Manager/Moderator.
Or straight up trial and error.

It might be useful to know the upper limits of each item. So if i counted correctly…

Edit: I counted again…


  • Low wood walls: 32
  • Wooden Gates: 10
  • Low Pilons: 60
  • High Reinforced walls: 100?


  • Hunting Towers: 10
  • Pillboxes: 5


  • Low Lanterns: 14
  • Tall Lanterns: 11
  • Shooting Targets: 25


  • FMtel Station: 1
  • Storage Box: 1
  • Recycling Station: 1
  • Apparel Crafting Station: 1
  • Consumable Crafting Station: 1
  • Vehicle Station: 1
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Tenebris did a video on it if I remember correctly:
150 walls
10 gates
25 lights
5 pillboxes
10 hunting towers

All walls, shooting targets and pylons are one category and all light sources are one!

150 for all? That can’t be right, can it?

You can’t have 150 small and 150 big, but I think you can have 70 big 80 small or 10 small and 140 big, if I understood everything correctly!

I didn’t. :grin: I just started to build my idea and once i had one layer of the outer wall complete, i constructed the inner core.

Of course, i wanted to add 4 layers of walls to the inner core and 2 layers of walls for the outer wall for extra protection but i hit the wall build limit and had to scrap that idea. What i had left, i reinforced the outer wall in the spots where i thought most machines come from.

There is a fixed number of “walls” you can place. Though, i haven’t counted my wall pieces, so, i don’t know that number. But that much i do know that every module in wall section counts.
E.g when you have a choice between low wall or high wall, it doesn’t matter which one you build, it adds towards the limit. But low wall costs less and has less HP than high wall. High wall blocks your vision and you’ll need watchtower to see and shoot above it.

When i game later today, i can count all the modules in my base.


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Kind of off topic, but ill ask sine its about base building.

Where exactly are the areas in which we can build bases? I spent a good 3 hours today looking for one, with no luck.

There is only one area to build a base on so far: Top of the Tylöveden mountain in the Forest region. Travel to that area in order to get the new mission to unlock. :+1:

You can’t just build anywhere…

Ok. That’s helpful. Ironically, thats pretty much the one place i didn’t look.

So, i counted my modules:

Inner core:
18 - high walls
4 - corner posts
1 - door

2 - watchtowers
8 - lights (4 small, 4 tall)
1 - flag
one of each: Plundra, Recycling, Crafting and Apparel station

Outer wall:
27 - low walls
93 - high walls
7 - corner posts
4 - doors

8 - watchtowers
5 - pillboxes
17 - lights (tall)

I can not build any more: corner posts, low walls, high walls, wooden targets, flags or lights. But i can construct more doors.

Posts and walls all combined + one flag, result in a neat 150.
All lights combined equal in 25.
Max watchtowers is 10.
And max pillboxes are 5.

Allright :wink: BTW, that mountain sticks out like a sore thumb now. They’ve changed it entirely. :+1:

Sadly I don’t really care for having to defend constantly. It seems like this is meant for end game only. I don’t mind base defense or repair but I do mind the constant waves. I probably won’t even bother…I am disappointed.
Edit: I hope that since they are testing the base system stuff in GZ they might think about adding it to theHunter:COFTW. Anyways,to get the base building I am more into I guess I will need to go back to Ark.

Aesyle I saw your homeward-bound-challenge Guide, very nice, and I wondered if such a big base has strategic benefits compared with my base which is small, but has the same 1 outerwall and 1 inner wall to protect the center.
It seemed to me the greater distances to each Hunting Tower cost precious time.

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On that sense, you’re correct. However, what time is lost moving between the watch towers, is gained by spreading out the damage against the outer wall, since only a handful of machines are attacking one section of the wall at any given time. And that, in turn, extends the time until wall falls.
Also, on many spots, my outer wall utilizes the natural obstacles of the terrain, forcing machines to run around it. And as we know, machines can’t shoot while moving.
Another positivity is that when there is a breach to the outer wall, there are only few machines who can come through it (since they are spread so far apart), while the big inner courtyard offers plenty of movement for me, to strafe and dodge any attacks.
And since inner and outer walls are so far apart, any AoE attack machines do, won’t damage both walls at once.

Of course, i’m not saying that my base design is ideal, especially for solo player but this is what i thought would protect the command truck the best, where outer perimeter is extended as far as possible, giving bigger buffer zone. :slight_smile:
And you all can see how my base design fared in my guide topic. :grin:

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