Challenges completed!


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I have bottom 3 completed. Rest is half way done on the last tier.


I can’t complete this … I’ve done the missions of other players’ forests … and it doesn’t change the status


That’s a very sexy punk lady you have there! Clothes unlocked with the completed challenges I presume?


Yeah, wouldn’t mind being alone on a Swedish island with her :smiling_imp:. But judging from her prestige points she could be a tough encounter :fearful:


Finally done :upside_down_face:


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To be honest, I’m a bit meh about the whole thing.
Sure, in the best case, this is a distraction while they finish up the new island.

But it’s hard to ignore that “Shoot 1,000 x and 50 y and …” is the lowest, cheapest form of “content.” There’s no new story, no new gameplay, just “do this stupid, rote thing, and we’ll give you a badge that proves you’ve been strung along.” Hooray? :smile:

I think part of my dissonance comes from the fact that the rewards don’t actually do anything. (The tick hat doesn’t increase protection, the seeker goggles don’t give you view modes, the AT-AT shoes don’t increase your running speed, etc.)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily mind items that are purely cosmetic in nature (heck, I’ve bought some of the clothes DLC, if admittedly more to support the game than out of a burning desire to own the outfits). But the way this particular outfit looks, I can’t make in-game sense of it. Why has my character all this metal on her? Either there need to be measurable effects that provide an in-universe justification for wearing this, like if it’s a powered exo-skeleton making us faster, better, or at least adding some armor. Or we’re basically just running around with a lot of junk on our jacket that should make us slower, wear down our stamina more quickly, and so on. It’s just a wee bit immersion breaking for me. (It doesn’t help that it’s not exactly my style, either – the shoulders are a bit much even considering it was the decade of the power suit, the padded shoulders; the shoes are a bit over the top especially as long as they don’t do anything, and the cod piece on the pants is just a bit cringey. Yes, I realize it’s basically a tank faceplate, but how did it get so small anyway? The kindest association is the “egg baskets” from that Chernobyl show, the less kind one is Howard’s belt buckles in Big Bang Theory.
If the above screenshot is anything to go by, it looks slightly better on guys at least, especially if you leave off the head items. Perhaps the female variant was an afterthought.)

Conversely, if we say it doesn’t have to make in-universe sense, you know what would’ve been cool? The robo-gloves giving us a viable melee attack against ticks and dogs. Silly, sure, but likely fun for an hour or two.

There, I feel better now. :smile: Now I should probably go watch Tene’s “How the challenges could’ve been better” video.


That is very fair comment. If your gameplay style happens to involve sneaking past machine threats and not killing them and you get extremely good at this, where is the challenge reward from the dev team for doing that?

This whole issue tries to make the game into some kind of arcade shooter and it has the balls to be a much better experience than that. Some will enjoy this but I feel the dev team might have gone the extra mile and given the community something more meaty.


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On the whole, nah. I see them come up as I’m doing something more interesting. At the moment it’s Xezr’s Hardcore Challenge, which is much more fun. Nine slots in inventory, no fast travel, no adrenaline, no plundra - get out there and survive. Die once, you lose.

If the claw boots’d let you scale vertical cliffs, okay. Otherwise, nah.


So while I’m complaining anyway. :wink:
Is it me, or are the titles a bit uneven?

Solar Flare is actually more clever than I originally thought, and Giant’s Bane makes immediate sense, and so does Apex Predator.
But I presume that few people would want to wear a tag saying they’re a beta. :smile: And Eradicator of Parasites just sounds super meh. It’s the '80s, surely, some “Just another Bug Hunt” style Aliens reference would have been an obvious choice?

Also, what’s up with the arsonist/firebrand thing? Is there a super-obvious fire-related theme for harvesters (beyond “they all shoot missiles”) that I’m missing? Harvester - combine harvester - setting hay or stores on fire to weaken the enemy, or something? I don’t know, maybe I’m just not seeing it because (once again) we don’t see the harvesters harvest much. :smile:

On the Truth side, Headstrong Nerd seems particularly cringey, though I guess “nerd” is at least a specific archetype in '80s movies.

Yay, recreational kvetching! :smile:


Same (plus, work has kept me busy). But that’s fine with me. I have other games. And I’m perfectly content to sometimes just fire up GZ just to run around in the gorgeous landscape for ten minutes. It’s the equivalent of just putting on a good station and just driving around in Saints Row. :smile: If and when DLC drops, we’ll all be back to renew our vows. :smile_cat:


I must admit I have paid the challenges absolutely zero attention since I first checked the screen when it installed. No idea where I am along those little green bars.

Besides what kind of complete idiot goes around looking like the guy in the top picture? Come ON.


Maybe I should count my blessings. I just fired up the game for a ten minute break, came across this,

and realized they could’ve asked us to roll the barrel from Yttervik to Ålnästet. :smile: Dodged a bullet there!


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Speaking for myself, I thought you’d put 'em on for bragging rights and informational purposes, which was appreciated btw.


You do go around like that in-game? Oh. Okay then.


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