Challenges progress stuck

Hi, since yesterday i can not progress doing challenges anymore. I tried to reinstall the game and join other multiplayer server. Any tips?

Youre gonna have to provide more info such as what challenges and what platform, no one can help without that info.

mb! for exempel: MUSIC SOOTHES THE SOUL challenge i have to blow up finx class or higher useing lure and explosive. i progess to 9/20 and then its stopped progress.

Ah, that one. Yeah its bugged, i think either the hotfix last month or Recon itself broke the challenge. With luck, Dark Skies will fix it since it should fix the luring achievement.

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It just works, if you (or other players) haven’t been spotted and are not in combat.
You should try it again in singleplayer.

Ah yes. I think the problem is that you automatically get in combat even if the soviet and fnix machines just attack each other. At least this system should cause that since it stopped working after landfall update.

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thank you!:slight_smile: That is one of a few Challenges i cant progress in. will wait for next update and see if it solve anything :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm…? If this is indeed the cause, there should be plenty of opportunity’s in other areas where no battle between Fnix & Soviets is likely to happen. I am certainly most of the time not in combat.

I had really good results by detonating gas canisters with hand grenades.

I also recommend Tärnboda skans as a location.

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I know, but that’s the only possible solution that comes to my mind, that this combat system has something to do with that.

It’s just guessing, but I feel that this is the reason. As you know, there are battle between fnix and soviets even if we aren’t in proximity. You can see that when suddenly a rival gets destroyed that you haven’t attacked.
Globaly seen there always are battles for fnix. If the code for the challenge just check if any fnix unit is alerted or in combat, it would stop the challenge working.

I don’t think battles are always happening. That would be very inefficiënt.

I think that if you are far (some distance value) enough away, the battle does not initiate or keep going. But I of course do not know for sure. I don’t experience it like you do. If I hear a battle waging, and move away until I don’t hear it, I never get a message of a rival being killed. Only when I’m in activating proximity of a battle and even then not often.

As far as I know, that used to be down to a bug when fast traveling / loading. The game occasionally loaded the rivals position before loading the terrain, causing them to plummet to their death.

I’ve not seen it happen for a long time. Though granted I’ve barely played lately.

I just had this about 2 or 3 weeks ago.
I was walking through the farmlands, headed to one of my bases to restock and suddenly I got a message about a rival that has been defeated.
There was no enemy around me.