Challenges, Truth: Not properly updating

Platform: PS4 Pro

Description: Upon booting up into the new update, I am unofficially in NG+ and have “The Final Countdown” trophy unlocked; but it still shows that I am missing a Mission in the “The Forest” Zone ??? What you think Devs?

Steps To Reproduce: If I am not mistaken, you might get a lot of hits on this 1 if the player community is in the same boat; keep a eye out and open.

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: PS4 Pro/ single player session

Players in your game: Me of course :smile:

Specifications: PS4 Pro, 4K HDR 55"

Good luck and great to be back!!! :wink:

Check the wiki: and compare to your completed main and side missions.

I completed 2 missing missions in this region today (Hazardous Contents and Exchange Student) :hugs:

Lol; not this time my friend. I completed ALL the missions even scrolled through ALL of them are checked off. But thx, Devs look into for me; rooting for you!

Well, I Had unlocked all achievements connected to mission progres, but even then I hat 2 side missions missing.

I think we partly see an old issue with the missions. Went thru the Wikipage on Missions and found that I hadn’t completed ‘Exchange student’ (and maybe another one). Tried to fix it but it refused to appear in the log as found or completed after picking up the initial clue on the mission.

So I guess most of us have either bugged missions or haven’t found all side missions. I thought that I after 212 hours of playing had found all and completed them all.

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I also have a problem with this mission. The mission was successfully completed, but it does not appear in the list of completed missions. It is the only mission that has problems. I’ve completed 84 missions but the list tells me I’m only 83. Is there a chance to solve this? Thanks