Change brightnes ingame or outside game (PC)

I play this game with my girlfriend and we both sit in the same room. I noticed that when it is night in game we have diferent brightnes. I can run around withouth flashlight on but my girlfriend have to turn on the flashlight to se anything.
I have not found any setting for this ingame and I feel like I loose much of the atmosphere of the game plying like this.
Any solution for this?

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I’ve been wanting to know the same thing, night time is too bright on my machine.

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I can see what you are saying, but for me, the opposite is the problem; I can see it great on my gaming monitor but on my stream its very dark. So having no way to control it one way or the other is a problem. Anyone know how to do this, maybe in some config?

Sounds like you have different monitors and / or monitor settings.

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I’d have to agree with @Taxen0 . This isn’t an issue with the game. I would bet on monitor settings mostly, but also just being different monitors. I suspect @Happydust has a higher end monitor or brightness settings are not at their default (increased).

And likely that the same reason @vonToddenstein is seeing difference in the live monitor view and the stream. Monitor controls have likely high brightness, but the stream sees the native brightness of the game.

Personally, I have a dual monitor setup. Both are same size (27"), but one is a 15 year old Samsung 1080p and the newer is a 4k LG. The LG is far brighter at its native settings. I also do content creation and photography, so I got myself a Datacolor Spyder calibration tool. With that, I was able to get both monitors looking somewhat the same. At least any video capture I do now looks the same in video as what I see on screen. That wasn’t the case previously.

Except that several viewers have commented that its too dark. I get that monitors vary. But not having a game adjustment isnt worth covering up; its still a problem to be addressed.

True that I do have a somewhat high-end monitor. But I have tried adjusting my settings to get the game darker and the settings on my girlfriends monitor to get brighter.
I just can’t get the “brigthnes” the same.
For that reason I would like a “adjust the slider so that the icon is barely visible” option in game =)

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Sheesh, nearly five years later. I struggle to play this game during the day, especially in the night cycle and within buildings. I have to hang a blanket over the curtains, turn off all the lights, turn up the TV brightness, and it’s still pretty tough.

Having a way to adjust the brightness/gamma/contrast would be amazing.