Change in Community Manager for Generation Zero

Heyo everyone!

As many of you have been suspecting, our dear Pontus has moved on to different ventures and will not be coming back to his position.
I’ve been working with him for over a year, but we’ve been friends for three years and I’ll miss him around the office, on the Discord server, and in the Livestreams.
Thank you for years of inside jokes, amazing conversations and memes!

Effective immediately, I will be taking over as full time Community Manager and continuing Pontus’ work without any interruptions.

You’ll probably see some changes on our social media channels, but the community you all know and love will stay the same!
I’m always happy to read feedback and my DMs are open if you’re more comfortable contacting me privately.

I’m looking forward to working with the GZ community to bring you awesome content, challenging competitions, and more fun stuff!

Cheers, Carni

(P.S. let me use this topic to let you know that we’re investigating the disappearing bases and the assignments that aren’t tracking! You’ll hear more from us as soon as we make progress on them)


That is sad…


We will miss you, @Avalanche_Pontus ! :cry: Thank you for every moment we had and for being our friend! :pray: I’m sure @SR_Carni will do a great job with our community as you did :+1:


It is sad to hear that Pontus will be leaving Gen Zero but hope this means better and more productive future for him.

New management also means new style of management with hopes that also will be for the better.


Really sad, but ok if he feels good with this change.

I’ll miss him, too, but I think, you @SR_Carni will do a great job, too.
Large footsteps need large feet to fill them.

@Avalanche_Pontus : I’ll always keep you in my mind. YOU’re awesome!


Hah I have that same letter hanging on the inside of my door^_^ I’ll miss Pontus too :frowning:


I loathe letting people go, and this caught me off-guard. But, I want to thank him for time well spent, both communicating about the game, keeping in touch with the community and working together on the weekly stream.

I wish him well with future endeavours.

@Avalanche_Pontus Hug your mama, drink some water, and stay out of trouble.


So sad that Pontus left :pensive:. @Avalanche_Pontus farewell buddy it was a amazing time with you.


And of course, welcome @SR_Carni. He’s an awesome guy, and I couldn’t think of somebody else better for the position. May your CM rule be long, and bountiful! :tada:


New adventures , thank you for keeping our adventures alive :v::heart:

Great job with the community!

Peace out Pontus!

Sincerely thanks, Pontus, for countless hours of superb entertainment. I have hydraulic oil on my hands from more machines than I care to admit :slight_smile:. As you might know, I managed to get off Östertörn to Göteborg to hook up with Annika (the girl in the yellow T-shirt) and we ventured on to Denmark (nice country, good pastry). As I worked my way through Östertörn as a lone sniper, I didn’t consider myself any good at base building, control points, crafting, weapon packs (having the 6* PVG-90 I was set up pretty fine) and such, but I really did enjoy taking down a fair amount of the flying russian thingys over Hagaboda and the surrounding area.

Happy trails and please continue making great stuff :+1: :smiley:

P.S.: Annika (sometimes with and sometimes without the yellow T-shirt) sends her regards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah it’s a really sad news that @Avalanche_Pontus has left. Loved his funny postings and his streams.
Hello my friend @IanForce nice to see you here again. Best regards from Germany. :wave: :smiley:
All the others and the one that not be named, doing well. Cheers mate.

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Good to hear from you again @IanForce :wave::blush:
Hope you’ve been doing well since we last spoke. :blush:

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