Change: region score decreased over time

I think it makes no sense that the region score gets decreased when you kill a rival, cause you are an even bigger threat for those machines by killing their “leaders”.

I think it should be changed in a time system. Lets say - 100 region score for each hour (reallife hour) so outside the game time too.

That would make sense, cause when you leave a region (ingame or outgame) then after a while the situation calms down and those machines arent on alert anymore.

Well, you seem to be scoring it for us “end-gamers”. For people still working their way through the story, if they kill a scary rival, at least they get a bit of a break while looking for their next missions… For us, we can find a pack of Dogs almost anywhere and bump it back up again. I get a rival transforming after almost every engagement. I’ve killed 12 and I’ve still got four out there…

Even as a “new gamer”. How long did you stay in a region before moving to the next one? while doing the main-quest line? Also in the starting area you could balance it a bit with those prototype machines and if you have a prototype rival somewhere running around doesnt mean you have to kill him. I think that would bring back the “challenge” of the game some of the new players are missing now. Its not like that those rivals are hunting the player right now. They are just on the map walking around and ignoring you basicly.

Well, okay, but as I said, it doesn’t take five minutes to bump it up again. I can’t see a need for change. I daresay it will anyway be adjusted as we go forward.

I think we play different games. For me it takes hours to reach a high score. First you have to find machines, then you have to kill them, then you have to find more machines and kill again. Not sure about the numbers, because I didnt write it down yet, but getting 1000 points takes at least 1-2 hours of gameplay. Having 4000+ points takes at least a day of gameing.


Maybe the Machines just don’t like @Bootie :smile:

I think it depends on the kind of Machines killed. I mean, obviously you’d get more region score from hunting Tanks rather than Runners, but I think enemy class plays into it as well. FNIX Machines are more difficult, perhaps they increase the score.

The size of the region and how it’s populated plays in as well. Some in-depth analysis of the scoring system would be interesting, if just to see the differences.

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The first 5 levels are rather quick, then it gets harder to get up to 10. But I am fine with mid-tear levels so far, keeps the rivals in check a little.

I would like one thing though: I have already accidentally killed rivals, cause I didn’t know when I fought them. Would be nice to get a clearer prompt.

All the algorithms are different and random. I ignore rivals, I ignore regions, I just get on wirth whatever I was getting on with anyway, and they spawn by themselves. I’m knocking over a cloud of Dogs in a complex I’ve never been in when a rival transforms, all by itself. I’ve been hanging about the forest region and I’ve got three there now. I wait until they get too close to a good sniping point I know about and take them out, and then get on with whatever I was doing.

It’s a world, I live there. They are the invaders, not me…

I agree with you and that was what I suggested in the live stream. Killing a rival should increase the score. But I would rather not decrease the score over real life time but over ingame time. For me it makes no sence that my score becomes 0 if i got not time to play for a week.

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I was just about to say that. Don’t punish people for having a life outside the game.


I think it makes sense to have a system that prevents you from farming experimental guns too easily. If killing rivals increases your score, you are at max region level all the time and have endless rivals to kill. Then the game could just give you all the experimentals in a nice pink box.

Probably just the Klaucke? :smile:

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