Changes for PS4


Hello, please tell me where to contact with questions about PS4?


Since you asked how to start new game on PS4 in this topic: Suggestion: World Saves, and i remembering seeing the method for new game on PS4 somewhere in the forums, i did a bit of searching and found what you were asking for in this topic,
link: How can you start a new game?

Do you have any other questions?


Thank you, you were very helpful!


Hello, I really like GZ, I started playing it in early 2020 on PS4-Pro. I like the graphics, the nature is well drawn , in General, the idea with robots is interesting, even if the storyline continues to develop. I would like to advise you to make some changes to the game, for example, for PS4 players to change the keyboard shortcuts in the form of a crossbar of the joystick, in order to quickly distribute the necessary items. To return to the grid in the inventory. If possible , implement daily tasks in the game .


Daily missions might come at future because it is very requested feature and also it was in the latest survey .