Character based challenges

I don’t have this problem because I still have plenty of missions left to pick back up and complete but I’ve seen people mention trying to level up more characters to be tedious with no missions to gain experience from.

I think character based challenges might help. Unlike the Resistance and Truth challenges, it would track separately for each of your characters. They could be based on skills you have and unlock new ones as you get more skills. example-pick up the lock picking skill and unlock a challenge to unlock a bunch of doors.


So, it sounds like these new challenges could be based off of unlocking and using new skills? Such as pick locking: unlock xxx doors to complete this challenge and you’ll get xxx of XP. You could do something similar with most skills. Like the hacking skill, hack so many machines and get xxx XP for doing it.

Going further, each challenge could have levels (I, II, III). So for lock picking: Level I: pick 10 doors, Level II: Pick 40 doors, Level III: pick 100 doors.

Something like that? :slight_smile:

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Great ideas And in the future I’m sure the dev’s will try to add more challenges but fixing the game has a higher priority I’m sure you’ll agree

yes, they wouldn’t all need to be based on skills but it might be a nice way to encourage trying out different skills with different characters.

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