Character Creation - Gender/Sex

My console is Xbox One but I dont think that matters here.

In character creation the first question it asks is Gender, yet the options it gives are related to Sex.

Genders- Man, Woman, Non-Binary, etc.
Sexes- Male, Female, Intersex

Its a small but important detail, especially when misinformation is being used to persecute trans people in the US

In general, Sex is related to chromosomes and biology. Gender is related to how you express yourself in society

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You can identify however you like in the game and dress however you like. If you want to have female features but want the players to see you as a male, you can and visa versa. So what is your point?

A lot of games only let you be one sex.

I think that they want the word Gender removed from the GZ choice menu, because they think this can lead to the misinformation that gender and sex are synonyms.

Maybe the best thing games studios can do is to use pictures to choose from the characters from.
A picture of a Male and a picture of a Female.